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Mia Md Masum


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124-May-2019Deficiency in the Secreted Protein Semaphorin3d Causes Abnormal Parathyroid Development in Mice.ANAMIKA SINGH ; MIA MD MASUM ; DASAN MARY CIBI ; Arya AK; Bhadada SK; Singh Manvendra Kumar 
22014Interleukin-1β attenuates myofibroblast formation and extracellular matrix production in dermal and lung fibroblasts exposed to transforming growth factor-β1Mia M.M. ; Boersema M.; Bank R.A.
316-Jun-2021Loss of Yap/taz in cardiac fibroblasts attenuates adverse remodeling and improves cardiac function.Mia, Masum M ; Cibi, Dasan Mary ; Binte Abdul Ghani, Siti Aishah ; Singh, Anamika ; Tee, Nicole; Sivakumar, Viswanathan ; Bogireddi, Hanumakumar ; Cook, Stuart A ; Mao, Junhao; Singh, Manvendra K 
426-Jun-2019Neural Crest-Specific Deletion of Rbfox2 in Mice Leads to Craniofacial Abnormalities Including Cleft Palate.DASAN MARY CIBI ; MIA MD MASUM ; SHAMINI D/O GUNA SHEKERAN ; Yun LS; SANDIREDDY REDDEMMA ; Gupta P; MONALISA HOTA ; SUN LEI ; SUJOY GHOSH ; Singh Manvendra Kumar 
54-Dec-2016Targeting NF2-Hippo/Yap Signaling Pathway for Cardioprotection After Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury.MIA MD MASUM ; CHELAKKOT GOVINDALAYATHIL ; Singh Manvendra Kumar 
61-Oct-2019The Hippo Signaling Pathway in Cardiac Development and Diseases.MIA MD MASUM ; Singh Manvendra Kumar 
72015The IκB kinase inhibitor ACHP strongly attenuates TGFβ1-induced myofibroblast formation and collagen synthesisMia, M.M ; Bank, R.A
82016The pro-fibrotic properties of transforming growth factor on human fibroblasts are counteracted by caffeic acid by inhibiting myofibroblast formation and collagen synthesisMia, M.M ; Bank, R.A
91-Dec-2020YAP/TAZ deficiency reprograms macrophage phenotype and improves infarct healing and cardiac function after myocardial infarctionMia, Masum M ; Cibi, Dasan Mary ; Abdul Ghani, Siti Aishah Binte ; Song, Weihua; Tee, Nicole; Ghosh, Sujoy ; Mao, Junhao; Olson, Eric N; Singh, Manvendra K