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12017A yeast two-hybrid system for the screening and characterization of small-molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions identifies a novel putative Mdm2-binding site in p53Wong, J.H; Alfatah, M; Sin, M.F; Sim, H.M ; Verma, C.S ; Lane, D.P ; Arumugam, P 
22013CDK-dependent nuclear localization of B-cyclin Clb1 promotes FEAR activation during meiosis I in budding yeastTibbles K.L.; Sarkar S.; Novak B.; Arumugam P. 
32012DNA Polymerase ? (swi7) and the Flap Endonuclease Fen1 (rad2) Act Together in the S-Phase Alkylation Damage Response in S. pombeKoulintchenko M.; Vengrova S.; Eydmann T.; Arumugam P. ; Dalgaard J.Z.
42014Identification of a cytotoxic form of dimeric interleukin-2 in murine tissuesWrenshall L.E.; Clabaugh S.E.; Cool D.R.; Arumugam P. ; Grunwald W.C.; Smith D.R.; Liu G.C.; Miller J.D.
52013Monopolin Subunit Csm1 Associates with MIND Complex to Establish Monopolar Attachment of Sister Kinetochores at Meiosis ISarkar S.; Shenoy R.T.; Dalgaard J.Z.; Newnham L.; Hoffmann E.; Millar J.B.A.; Arumugam P. 
62016PP2ACdc55's role in reductional chromosome segregation during achiasmate meiosis in budding yeast is independent of its FEAR functionKerr, G.W; Wong, J.H; Arumugam, P 
72013Smc5/6 Coordinates Formation and Resolution of Joint Molecules with Chromosome Morphology to Ensure Meiotic DivisionsCopsey A.; Tang S.; Jordan P.W.; Blitzblau H.G.; Newcombe S.; Chan A.C.-h.; Newnham L.; Li Z.; Gray S.; Herbert A.D.; Arumugam P. ; Hochwagen A.; Hunter N.; Hoffmann E.
82014The Rim15-Endosulfine-PP2ACdc55 Signalling Module Regulates Entry into Gametogenesis and Quiescence via Distinct Mechanisms in Budding YeastSarkar S.; Dalgaard J.Z.; Millar J.B.A.; Arumugam P.