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12017A yeast two-hybrid system for the screening and characterization of small-molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions identifies a novel putative Mdm2-binding site in p53Wong, J.H; Alfatah, M; Sin, M.F; Sim, H.M ; Verma, C.S ; Lane, D.P ; Arumugam, P 
22013Anti-c-Met antibodies recognising a temperature sensitive epitope, inhibit cell growthWong, J.S; Warbrick, E; Vojtesk, B; Hill, J; Lane, D.P 
32015Assessing the Efficacy of Mdm2/Mdm4-Inhibiting Stapled Peptides Using Cellular Thermal Shift AssaysXiong Tan, B; Brown, C.J; Ferrer, F.J; Yuen, T.Y; Quah, S.T; Chan, B.H; Jansson, A.E; Teo, H.L; Nordlund, P; Lane, D.P 
42018Autophagic flux blockage by accumulation of weakly basic tenovins leads to elimination of B-Raf mutant tumour cells that survive vemurafenibLadds M.J.G.W.; Pastor-Fernández A.; Popova G.; van Leeuwen I.M.M.; Eng K.E.; Drummond C.J.; Johansson L.; Svensson R.; Westwood N.J.; McCarthy A.R.; Tholander F.; Popa M.; Lane D.P. ; McCormack E.; McInerney G.M.; Bhatia R.; Laín S.
52016Avoiding drug resistance through extended drug target interfaces: A case for stapled peptidesWei, S.J; Chee, S; Yurlova, L; Lane, D ; Verma, C ; Brown, C; Ghadessy, F
62016Benzene Probes in Molecular Dynamics Simulations Reveal Novel Binding Sites for Ligand DesignTan, Y.S; Reeks, J; Brown, C.J; Thean, D; Ferrer Gago, F.J; Yuen, T.Y; Goh, E.T.L; Lee, X.E.C; Jennings, C.E; Joseph, T.L; Lakshminarayanan, R ; Lane, D.P ; Noble, M.E.M; Verma, C.S 
72017Characterizing the conformational landscape of MDM2-binding p53 peptides using Molecular Dynamics simulationsYadahalli, S; Li, J ; Lane, D.P ; Gosavi, S; Verma, C.S 
82010Differences in the transactivation domains of p53 family members: A computational studyMavinahalli, J.N; Madhumalar, A; Beuerman, R.W ; Lane, D.P ; Verma, C 
92017Enhancing specific disruption of intracellular protein complexes by hydrocarbon stapled peptides using lipid based deliveryThean, D; Ebo, J.S; Luxton, T; Lee, X.C; Yuen, T.Y; Ferrer, F.J; Johannes, C.W; Lane, D.P ; Brown, C.J
102010Evaluation of an Actinomycin D/VX-680 aurora kinase inhibitor combination in p53-based cyclotherapy.Rao, B; van Leeuwen, I.M.; Higgins, M.; Campbel, J.; Thompson, A.M.; Lane, D.P. ; Lain, S.
112016Functional characterization of p53 pathway components in the ancient metazoan Trichoplax adhaerensSiau, J.W; Coffill, C.R; Zhang, W.V; Tan, Y.S; Hundt, J; Lane, D ; Verma, C ; Ghadessy, F
122014High Mdm4 levels suppress p53 activity and enhance its half-life in acute myeloid leukaemiaTan, B.X; Khoo, K.H; Lim, T.M ; Lane, D.P 
132016Long range recognition and selection in IDPs: The interactions of the C-terminus of p53Kannan, S; Lane, D.P ; Verma, C.S 
142008MDM2 SNP309 is associated with high grade node positive breast tumours and is in linkage disequilibrium with a novel MDM2 intron 1 polymorphismPaulin, F.E.M; O'Neill, M; McGregor, G; Cassidy, A; Ashfield, A; Ali, C.W; Munro, A.J; Baker, L; Purdie, C.A; Lane, D.P ; Thompson, A.M
153-Dec-2009Modulation of p53 binding to MDM2: Computational studies reveal important roles of Tyr100Dastidar, S.G.; Lane, D.P. ; Verma, C.S. 
162015Mutant p53 accumulates in cycling and proliferating cells in the normal tissues of p53 R172H mutant miceGoh, A.M; Xue, Y; Leushacke, M; Li, L; Wong, J.S; Chiam, P.C; Binte Rahmat, S.A; Mann, M.B; Mann, K.M; Barker, N ; Lozano, G; Terzian, T; Lane, D.P 
172011Mutant p53 uses p63 as a molecular chaperone to alter gene expression and induce a pro-invasive secretomeNeilsen, P.M; Noll, J.E; Suetani, R.J; Schulz, R.B; Al-Ejeh, F; Evdokiou, A; Lane, D.P ; Callen, D.F
182011P53 mutant breast cancer patients expressing p53γ have as good a prognosis as wild-type p53 breast cancer patientsBourdon, J.-C; Khoury, M.P; Diot, A; Baker, L; Fernandes, K; Aoubala, M; Quinlan, P; Purdie, C.A; Jordan, L.B; Prats, A; Lane, D.P ; Thompson, A.M
192017Role of the N-terminal lid in regulating the interaction of phosphorylated MDMX with p53Chan, J.V; Koh, D.X.P; Liu, Y; Joseph, T.L; Lane, D.P ; Verma, C.S ; Tan, Y.S
202008Small molecular weight variants of p53 are expressed in human melanoma cells and are induced by the DNA-damaging agent cisplatinAvery-Kiejda, K.A; Xu, D.Z; Adams, L.J; Scott, R.J; Vojtesek, B; Lane, D.P ; Hersey, P