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Lai Yin Sarah Cheah
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-May-2020A study on the effect of structured versus unstructured company advisors’ feedback on innovation project team performance.Cheah, Lai Yin Sarah ; Gan, Mark; Li, Shiyu; Wadhwa, Bimlesh
213-Apr-2016Assessing economic impact of research and innovation originating from public research institutions and universities—case of Singapore PRIsCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH ; YU, CHRISTOPHER
32-Oct-2017Big data-driven business model innovation by traditional industries in the Chinese economyCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH 
414-Dec-2018Blockchain Industries, Regulations and Policies in SingaporeCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH ; PATTALACHINTI SAITEJA; HO YUEN PING 
530-Oct-2018Business Model Innovation for Sustainable Performance in Retail and Hospitality IndustriesCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH ; HO YUEN PING ; LI SHIYU 
624-May-2019Coworking and Sustainable Business Model Innovation in Young FirmsCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH ; HO YUEN PING 
79-Sep-2021Effect of space creativity and social climate on business model innovation in Do-it-Yourself laboratories: The mediating role of opportunity discovery in the case of SingaporeSarah Cheah ; Yuenping Ho
820-Jun-2019Empirical Study on Behavioral Intentions of Short-Term Rental Tenants—The Moderating Role of Past ExperienceCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH 
925-Aug-2016Framework for measuring research and innovation impactSarah Cheah 
101-Nov-2020How the effect of opportunity discovery on innovation outcome differs between DIY laboratories and public research institutes: The role of industry turbulence and knowledge generation in the case of SingaporeCHEAH, SLY ; HO, YP ; LI, S 
1125-Jan-2019Microsoft Surface: Accelerating Digital TransformationCheah, LYS ; Toe, KLN
1231-Dec-2022Mission-Oriented Innovation Policies in Singapore: Research, Innovation and Enterprise Planning and National Innovation ChallengesCheah, Sarah ; Phua, Lye Huat Stephen 
1317-Jun-2019Mutual Support, Role Breadth Self-Efficacy, and Sustainable Job Performance of Workers in Young FirmsCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH ; LI SHIYU ; HO YUEN PING 
1430-May-2019Reinventing product-service systems: the case of SingaporeCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH 
1522-Aug-2016Role of Public Science in Fostering the Innovation and Startup Ecosystem in SingaporeCHEAH LAI YIN SARAH ; HO YUEN PING ; LIM, PHILIP
164-Jun-2019Social Innovation Asian Case Studies of Innovating for the Common GoodCheah, Sarah Lai-Yin 
179-Mar-2020The Effect of Structured Feedback on Performance: the Role of Attitude and Perceived UsefulnessCheah, Sarah ; Li, Shiyu 
18Apr-2021The impact of technology complexity on the financial performance of R&D projects: evidence from SingaporeCheah, Sarah ; Bellavitis, Cristiano; Muscio, Alessandro