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Wong Yiik Yieng
Wong, J.Y.
Wong, J.Y.Y.
Wong, J.
Wong, Y.Y.J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2013Current status on the diagnosis and evaluation of pancreatic tumor in Asia with particular emphasis on the role of endoscopic ultrasoundKongkam, P.; Ang, T.L.; Vu, C.K.F.; Dy, F.T.; Yasuda, K.; Rerknimitr, R.; Varadarajulu, S.; Dhir, V.; Chong, V.H.; Zhen, D.J.; Wong, J.Y.Y. ; Ho, K.-Y.
2Dec-2011Current status on the diagnosis and management of pancreatic cysts in the Asia-Pacific region: Role of endoscopic ultrasoundLim, L.G.; Itoi, T.; Lim, W.C.; Mesenas, S.J.; Seo, D.W.; Tan, J.; Wang, H.P.; Akaraviputh, T.; Lakhtakia, S.; Omar, S.; Rantachu, T.; Sachitanandan, S.; Yasuda, K.; Varadarajulu, S.; Wong, J. ; Dhir, V.; Ho, K.Y.
3Sep-2010Endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric lesions by using a Master and Slave Transluminal Endoscopic Robot (MASTER)Ho, K.-Y.; Phee, S.J.; Shabbir, A.; Low, S.C.; Huynh, V.A.; Kencana, A.P.; Yang, K.; Lomanto, D.; So, B.Y.J.; Wong, Y.Y.J. ; Chung, S.C.S.
1242012Endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric lesions by using a master and slave transluminal endoscopic robot: An animal survival studyWang, Z.; Phee, S.J.; Lomanto, D.; Goel, R.; Rebala, P.; Sun, Z.L.; Trasti, S.; Reddy, N.; Wong, J.Y.Y. ; Ho, K.Y.
125Jun-2013Factors determining diagnostic yield of endoscopic ultrasound guided fine-needle aspiration for pancreatic cystic lesions: A multicentre Asian studyLim, L.G.; Lakhtakia, S.; Ang, T.L.; Vu, C.K.F.; Dy, F.; Chong, V.H.; Khor, C.J.L.; Lim, W.C.; Doshi, B.K.; Varadarajulu, S.; Yasuda, K.; Wong, J.Y.Y. ; Chan, Y.H.; Nga, M.E.; Ho, K.Y.
126Jan-2014Feasibility of full-thickness gastric resection using master and slave transluminal endoscopic robot and closure by overstitch: A preclinical studyChiu, P.W.Y.; Phee, S.J.; Wang, Z.; Sun, Z.; Poon, C.C.; Yamamoto, T.; Penny, I.; Wong, J.Y.Y. ; Lau, J.Y.W.; Ho, K.Y.
1272010Interobserver reliability in the endoscopic diagnosis and grading of Barrett's esophagus: An Asian multinational studyLee, Y.C.; Cook, M.B.; Bhatia, S.; Chow, W.H.; El-Omar, E.M.; Goto, H.; Lin, J.T.; Li, Y.Q.; Rhee, P.L.; Sharma, P.; Sung, J.J.Y.; Wong, J.Y.Y. ; Wu, J.C.Y.; Ho, K.Y.
128Oct-2012Robot-Assisted Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Is Effective in Treating Patients With Early-Stage Gastric NeoplasiaPhee, S.J.; Reddy, N.; Chiu, P.W.Y.; Rebala, P.; Rao, G.V.; Wang, Z.; Sun, Z.; Wong, J.Y.Y. ; Ho, K.
129Nov-2011The future of transluminal surgeryPhee, S.J.; Sun, Z.; Wang, Z.; Wong, J.Y. ; Ho, K.Y.