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Wong Boon Seng
Wong, B.-S.
Wong, B.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2010Altered apolipoprotein e glycosylation is associated with Aβ(42) accumulation in an animal model of Niemann-Pick Type C diseaseChua, C.-C.; Lim, M.-L.; Wong, B.-S. 
2Feb-2007Altered prion protein glycosylation in the aging mouse brainGoh, A.X.-H.; Li, C.; Sy, M.-S.; Wong, B.-S. 
319-Nov-2010Annexin A3 is associated with cell death in lactacystin-mediated neuronal injuryChong, K.W.Y.; Chen, M.J.; Koay, E.S.C.; Wong, B.S. ; Lee, A.Y.W.; Russo-Marie, F.; Cheung, N.S.
4Nov-2008Effects of γ-secretase cleavage-region mutations on APP processing and Aβ formation: Interpretation with sequential cleavage and α-helical modelTan, J.; Mao, G.; Cui, M.-Z.; Kang, S.-C.; Lamb, B.; Wong, B.-S. ; Sy, M.-S.; Xu, X.
53-Aug-2012Impaired insulin signaling in an animal model of Niemann-Pick Type C diseaseOng, Q.-R.; Lim, M.-L.; Chua, C.-C.; Cheung, N.S.; Wong, B.-S. 
62012Impaired neuronal insulin signaling precedes Aβ 42 Accumulation in female AβPPsw/PS1ΔE9 MiceChua, L.-M.; Lim, M.-L.; Chong, P.-R.; Hu, Z.P.; Cheung, N.S.; Wong, B.-S. 
7May-2004Prion protein is ubiquitinated after developing protease resistance in the brains of scrapie-infected miceKang, S.-C.; Brown, D.R.; Whiteman, M.; Li, R.; Pan, T.; Perry, G.; Wisniewski, T.; Sy, M.-S.; Wong, B.-S. 
817-Jan-2014Reduced phosphorylation of brain insulin receptor substrate and Akt proteins in apolipoprotein-E4 targeted replacement miceOng, Q.-R.; Chan, E.S.; Lim, M.-L.; Cole, G.M.; Wong, B.-S. 
99-Aug-2013The Kunitz-protease inhibitor domain in amyloid precursor protein reduces cellular mitochondrial enzymes expression and functionChua, L.-M.; Lim, M.-L.; Wong, B.-S. 
10Aug-2004The novel neuromodulator hydrogen sulfide: An endogenous peroxynitrite 'scavenger'?Whiteman, M.; Armstrong, J.S.; Chu, S.H.; Jia-Ling, S.; Wong, B.-S. ; Cheung, N.S.; Halliwell, B.; Moore, P.K.