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Xiao Zhi-Cheng
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Xiao, Z.-C.
Xiao, Z.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008A TAG1-APP signalling pathway through Fe65 negatively modulates neurogenesisMa, Q.-H.; Zeng, L.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Futagawa, T.; Yang, W.-L.; Schachner, M.; Bagnard, D.; Takeda, Y.; Jiang, X.-D.; Xu, R.-X.; Furley, A.J.; Karagogeos, D.; Watanabe, K.; Dawe, G.S. 
22004Axoglial interaction via the Notch receptor in oligodendrocyte differentiationHu, Q.D.; Cui, X.Y.; Xiao, Z.C. ; Ng, Y.K. 
32007Cell migration from baby to mother.Dawe, G.S. ; Tan, X.W.; Xiao, Z.C. 
42003F3/contactin acts as a functional ligand for notch during oligodendrocyte maturationHu, Q.-D.; Ang, B.-T. ; Cui, X.-Y.; Duka, T.; Chia, W.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Ng, Y.-K. ; Ling, E.-A. ; Karsak, M.; Schachner, M.; Hu, W.-P.; Takeda, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Sankar, N.; Maciag, T.; Small, D.; Trifonova, R.; Kopan, R.; Okano, H.; Nakafuku, M.; Chiba, S.; Hirai, H.; Aster, J.C.; Pallen, C.J.
52004NB-3/Notch1 pathway via Deltex1 promotes neural progenitor cell differentiation into oligodendrocytesCui, X.-Y.; Hu, Q.-D.; Ang, B.-T. ; Nie, D.-Y.; Sun, L.; Duka, T.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Jin, L.-H.; Hu, Q.-D.; Tekaya, M.; Arsenijevic, Y.; Shimoda, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Hu, W.-P.; Karsak, M.; Schachner, M.; Takeda, Y.; Ou, L.-Y. ; Dawe, G.S. ; Yu, F.-G.; Ahmed, S.
62008NG2 cells response to axonal alteration in the spinal cord white matter in mice with genetic disruption of neurofilament light subunit expressionWu, Y.J.; Tang, Y.F. ; Xiao, Z.C. ; Bao, Z.M.
72004Nogo-66 and myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) inhibit the adhesion and migration of Nogo-66 receptor expressing human glioma cellsLiao, H.; Duka, T.; Sun, L.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Teng, F.Y.H.; Tang, B.L. ; Bu, W.-Y.; Ahmed, S.
82003Nogo-A at CNS paranodes is a ligand of Caspr: Possible regulation of K+channel localizationNie, D.-Y.; Zhou, Z.-H.; Ang, B.-T. ; Xu, G.; Xiang, T.; Wang, C.-Y.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Nie, D.-Y.; Ng, Y.-K. ; Ling, E.-A. ; Teng, F.Y.H.; Tang, B.L. ; Zeng, L.; Pallen, C.J.; Xu, T.-L.; Takeda, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Faivre-Sarrailh, C.; Popko, B.; Schachner, M.
92002Oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein (OMgp) is an inhibitor of neurite outgrowthKottis, V.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Zhang, R.; Braun, P.E.; Thibault, P.; Mikol, D.; Dergham, P.
102006Oligodendrocytes regulate formation of nodes of Ranvier via the recognition molecule OMgpNie, D.-Y.; Ma, Q.-H.; Hu, Q.-D.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Ng, Y.-K. ; Ling, E.-A. ; Schachner, M.; Law, J.W.S.; Chia, C.-P.; Dhingra, N.K.; Yang, W.-L.; Chen, Q.-W.; Xu, G.; Shimoda, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Gong, N.; Xu, T.-L.; Chow, P.K.H.; Habib, A.A.; Schachner, M.
112004Optic nerve regeneration in polyglycolic acid-chitosan conduits coated with recombinant L1-FcXu, G.; Nie, D.-Y.; Shen, J.; Ang, B.-T. ; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Luo, X.-G.; Wang, W.-Z.; Zhang, P.-H.; Liu, G.-H.; Chen, N.-L.
122004Recombinant DNA vaccine encoding multiple domains related to inhibition of neurite outgrowth: A potential strategy for axonal regenerationXu, G.; Nie, D.-Y.; Chen, J.-T.; Sun, L.; Luo, X.-G.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Wang, C.-Y.; Yu, F.-G.; Ahmed, S.; David, S.
13May-2006Therapeutic vaccination for central nervous system repairAng, B.T.; Xu, G.; Xiao, Z.C. 
142009Wip1 regulates the generation of new neural cells in the adult olfactory bulb through p53-dependent cell cycle controlZhu, Y.-H.; Zhang, C.-W.; Lu, L.; Sun, L.; Xiao, Z.-C. ; Yang, L.; Demidov, O.N.; Bulavin, D.V.