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Hong Song-Iee
Hong, S.I.
Hong, S.-I.
Hong, S.-L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009An empirical typology of lifetime and current gambling behaviors: Association with health status of older adultsHong, S.-I. ; Sacco, P.; Cunningham-Williams, R.M.
22011Assets and Life Satisfaction Patterns Among Korean Older Adults: Latent Class AnalysisHan, C.-K. ; Hong, S.-I. 
3Mar-2012Changes in activity among older volunteersMorrow-Howell, N.; Hong, S.-I. ; McCrary, S.; Blinne, W.
42009Contribution of residential relocation and lifestyle to the structure of health trajectoriesHong, S.-I. ; Chen, L.-M.
5Jul-2010Critical review of older adults' caregiving-related programs and policies in South KoreaHong, S.-L. ; Park, E.-Y.
6Dec-2011Cultural influence affecting the relationship between caregivers' strain patterns and well-being among Korean caregiversChoi, H.; Hong, S.-I. 
7Nov-2011Doing it 'right' by your parents in Singapore: A political economy examination of the maintenance of parents act of 1995Rozario, P.A.; Hong, S.-I. 
812-Jul-2019Falls among Asians living in small apartments designed for older adults in SingaporeElaine Qiao-Ying Ho ; Song-Iee Hong ; Leng Leng Thang ; Peck Hoon Ong; Gerald Koh 
9Sep-2012Gambling behavior and problems among older adults: A systematic review of empirical studiesTse, S.; Hong, S.-I. ; Wang, C.-W.; Cunningham-Williams, R.M.
102010Health outcomes of Experience Corps®: A high-commitment volunteer programHong, S.I. ; Morrow-Howell, N.
11Nov-2011Service use barriers differentiating care-givers' service use patternsHong, S.-I. ; Hasche, L.; Lee, M.J.
122009Structural Relationships between Social Activities and Longitudinal Trajectories of Depression among Older AdultsHong, S.-I. ; Hasche, L.; Bowland, S.
132010Understanding patterns of service utilization among informal caregivers of community older adultsHong, S.-I. 
142009Who benefits from volunteering? Variations in perceived benefitsMorrow-Howell, N.; Hong, S.-I. ; Tang, F.