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Leng Leng Thang
Leng, T.L.
Thang, L.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-Jan-2006"A message on life to the young"-Perceiving a senior volunteer activity in Japan from an intergenerational perspectiveThang, L.L. 
24-Dec-2020AcknowledgementsRafael Engel; Leng Leng Thang 
311-Sep-2019AcknowledgmentsRafael Engel; Leng Leng Thang ; Carrie Rodzwicz
4Apr-2008Engaging the generations: Age-integrated facilitiesThang, L.L. 
52005Experiencing leisure in later life: A study of retirees and activity in SingaporeThang, L.L. 
612-Jul-2019Falls among Asians living in small apartments designed for older adults in SingaporeElaine Qiao-Ying Ho ; Song-Iee Hong ; Leng Leng Thang ; Peck Hoon Ong; Gerald Koh 
731-Jul-2019Generativity: Establishing and Nurturing the Next GenerationCheryl Ching Ling Lim; Caymania Lay Teng Low; Soo Boon Hia ; Leng Leng Thang ; Ai Ling Thian
818-Apr-2006Interdependence in Asian families: The Singapore caseMehta, K.K. ; Leng, T.L. 
94-Dec-2020Intergenerational Connections: Exploring New Ways to ConnectLeng Leng Thang ; Rafael Engel
1030-Jul-2019Intergenerational Programs and Practices in China: Results based on a Web Search MethodQiao Li; Matthew Kaplan; Leng Leng Thang 
11Dec-2005Introduction: Aging in Asia - Perennial concerns on support and caring for the oldYap, M.T.; Thang, L.L. ; Traphagan, J.W.
122005Introduction: Aging in Asia - Perennial concerns on support and caring for the oldYap, M.T. ; Thang, L.L. ; Traphagan, J.W.
132008Multigenerational families in SingaporeMehta, K.K. ; Leng, T.L. 
14Feb-2011Population aging, older workers and productivity issues: The case of SingaporeThang, L.L. 
152012"Reverse marriage migration": A case study of Japanese brides in BaliToyota, M.; Thang, L.L. 
166-Feb-2020Staying till the end? : Japanese later-life migrants and belonging in Western AustraliaSachiko Sone; Leng Leng Thang 
172-Oct-2017Transnational retirement mobility as processes of identity negotiation: The case of Japanese in Southeast AsiaMika Toyota; Leng Leng Thang