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Bai Wei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A new non-overlapping concept to improve the Hybrid Particle Level Set method in multi-phase fluid flowsArcher Philip J. ; Bai Wei 
2Mar-2013Applicability of particle level set method for simulation of breaking wavesArcher, P.J. ; Bai, W. 
32015Current blockage in a numerical wave tank: 3D simulations of regular waves and current through a porous towerSanto H.; Taylor, Paul Howard ; Bai, Wei ; Choo, Yoo Sang 
4Jan-2014Fully nonlinear analysis of near-trapping phenomenon around an array of cylindersBai, W. ; Feng, X.; Taylor, R.E. ; Ang, K.K.
51-Mar-2014Loads for use in the design of ships and offshore structuresHirdaris, S.E.; Bai, W. ; Dessi, D.; Ergin, A.; Gu, X.; Hermundstad, O.A.; Huijsmans, R.; Iijima, K.; Nielsen, U.D.; Parunov, J.; Fonseca, N.; Papanikolaou, A.; Argyriadis, K.; Incecik, A.
62014Modeling of fully nonlinear wave radiation by submerged moving structures using the higher order boundary element methodHannan, M.A.; Bai, W. ; Ang, K.K.
72013Modelling of liquid sloshing with constrained floating baffleKoh, C.G. ; Luo, M.; Gao, M. ; Bai, W. 
82015Nonlinear hydrodynamic responses of submerged moving payload in vicinity of a crane barge in wavesHannan M.A. ; Bai W. 
92013Numerical investigation of wave radiation by a vertical cylinder using a fully nonlinear HOBEMZhou, B.Z.; Ning, D.Z.; Teng, B.; Bai, W. 
10Dec-2013Numerical simulation of turbulent flow around a forced moving circular cylinder on cut cellsBai, W. 
112015Numerical study of violent LNG sloshing induced by realistic ship motions using level set methodBai W. ; Liu X.; Koh C.G. 
122013Simulation of second-order wave interaction with fixed and floating structures in time domainBai, W. ; Teng, B.
132011The applicability of the particle level set method for the simulation of breaking wavesArcher, P.J. ; Bai, W.