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Chun Siong Soon
Soon, C.-S.
Soon, C.S.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2016Approaches to understanding visual illusionsSoon, CS ; Dubey, R ; Ananyev, E ; Hsieh, PJ 
21-Sep-2020Evaluating a multi-sensor approach for assessing sleep using wearable and smartphone technologyChua, XY ; Massar, SAA ; Ng, A ; Ong, JL ; Soon, CS ; Chee, NIYN ; Chee, MWL 
39-Apr-2013Predicting free choices for abstract intentionsSoon, C.S. ; He, A.H.; Bode, S.; Haynes, J.-D.
42014Predictive brain signals best predict upcoming and not previous choicesSoon, C.S ; Allefeld, C; Bogler, C; Heinzle, J; Haynes, J.-D
5Jun-2013Preoccupied minds feel less control: Sense of agency is modulated by cognitive loadHon, N. ; Poh, J.-H.; Soon, C.-S. 
611-Jan-2022Reopening after lockdown: the influence of working-from-home and digital device use on sleep, physical activity, and wellbeing following COVID-19 lockdown and reopeningMassar, Stijn AA ; Ng, Alyssa SC ; Soon, Chun Siong ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Chua, Xin Yu ; Chee, Nicholas IYN ; Lee, Tih Shih ; Chee, Michael WL 
72-May-2021Respiratory, cardiac, EEG, BOLD signals and functional connectivity over multiple microsleep episodesSoon, Chun Siong ; Vinogradova, Ksenia ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Calhoun, Vince; Liu, Thomas; Zhou, Juan Helen; Ng, Kwun Kei ; Chee, Michael 
82009Role of medial cortical, hippocampal and striatal interactions during cognitive set-shiftingGraham, S. ; Phua, E.; Au, C.; Soon, C.S. ; Oh, T.; Shuter, B. ; Wang, S.-C. ; Yeh, I.B.
916-Jan-2012The neural encoding of guesses in the human brainBode, S.; Bogler, C.; Soon, C.S. ; Haynes, J.-D.
102011Tracking the Unconscious Generation of Free Decisions Using Uitra-High Field fMRIBode, S.; He, A.H.; Soon, C.S. ; Trampel, R.; Turner, R.; Haynes, J.-D.