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Stijn Agus Adrianus Massar
Massar, S.A.A.


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11-Feb-2021COVID-19-related mobility reduction: heterogenous effects on sleep and physical activity rhythmsOng, Ju Lynn ; Lau, TeYang ; Massar, Stijn AA ; Chong, Zhi Ting; Ng, Ben KL; Koek, Daphne; Zhao, Wanting ; Yeo, BT Thomas ; Cheong, Karen; Chee, Michael WL 
211-Sep-2020COVID-19-related mobility reduction: heterogenous effects on sleep and physical activity rhythmsOng, Ju Lynn ; Lau, Teyang ; Massar, Stijn A. A. ; Chong, Zhi Ting; Ng, Ben K. L.; Koek, Daphne; Zhao, Wanting ; Thomas Yeo, B.T. ; Cheong, Karen; Chee, Michael W. L. 
31-Sep-2020Evaluating a multi-sensor approach for assessing sleep using wearable and smartphone technologyChua, XY ; Massar, SAA ; Ng, A ; Ong, JL ; Soon, CS ; Chee, NIYN ; Chee, MWL 
4Dec-2012Genetic polymorphisms of the dopamine and serotonin systems modulate the neurophysiological response to feedback and risk taking in healthy humansHeitland, I.; Oosting, R.S.; Baas, J.M.P.; Massar, S.A.A. ; Kenemans, J.L.; Böcker, K.B.E.
51-Dec-2022Inter-relationships between changes in stress, mindfulness, and dynamic functional connectivity in response to a social stressorTeng, J ; Massar, SAA ; Lim, J 
630-May-2018Quantifying the Motivational Effects of Cognitive Fatigue Through Effort-Based Decision MakingMassar, Stijn AA ; Csatho, Arpad; Van der Linden, Dimitri
711-Jan-2022Reopening after lockdown: the influence of working-from-home and digital device use on sleep, physical activity, and wellbeing following COVID-19 lockdown and reopeningMassar, Stijn AA ; Ng, Alyssa SC ; Soon, Chun Siong ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Chua, Xin Yu ; Chee, Nicholas IYN ; Lee, Tih Shih ; Chee, Michael WL 
8Mar-2014Resting-state EEG theta activity and risk learning: Sensitivity to reward or punishment?Massar, S.A.A. ; Kenemans, J.L.; Schutter, D.J.L.G.
92015Sleep deprived and sweating it out: The effects of total sleep deprivation on skin conductance reactivity to psychosocial stressLiu, J.C.J ; Verhulst, S; Massar, S.A.A ; Chee, M.W.L 
102018Towards an Objective Measure of Mindfulness: Replicating and Extending the Features of the Breath-Counting TaskF. Wong, K. ; A. A. Massar, S. ; Chee, M.W.L. ; Lim, J. 
112-Jun-2021Trait-like nocturnal sleep behavior identified by combining wearable, phone-use, and self-report dataMassar, Stijn AA ; Chua, Xin Yu ; Ng, Alyssa SC ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Chee, Nicholas IYN ; Lee, Tih Shih ; Ghosh, Arko; Chee, Michael WL 
122023Working-from-home persistently influences sleep and physical activity 2 years after the Covid-19 pandemic onset: a longitudinal sleep tracker and electronic diary-based studyMassar, Stijn AA ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Lau, TeYang ; Ng, Ben KL; Chan, Lit Fai; Koek, Daphne; Cheong, Karen; Chee, Michael WL