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Chong Khin Soon Terence
Chong, T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-1993Nuclear factor I and epithelial cell-specific transcription of human papillomavirus type 16Apt, D. ; Chong, T. ; Liu, Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
21989Numerous nuclear proteins bind the long control region of human papillomavirus type 16: A subset of 6 of 23 DNase I-protected segments coincides with the location of the cell-type-specific enhancerGloss, B. ; Chong, T. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
31991Sequence variants of human papillomavirus type 16 in clinical samples permit verification and extension of epidemiological studies and construction of a phylogenetic treeHo, L.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Chow, V.; Chong, T. ; Tay, S.-K.; Villa, L.L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
41995Suppression of the yeast mutation rft1-1 by human p53Koerte, A. ; Chong, T. ; Li, X. ; Wahane, K. ; Cai, M. 
5Nov-1991The enhancer of human papillomavirus type 16: Binding sites for the ubiquitous transcription factors oct-1, NFA, TEF-2, NF1, and AP-1 participate in epithelial cell-specific transcriptionChong, T. ; Apt, D. ; Gloss, B. ; Isa, M. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
625-Feb-1990Transcription of the transforming genes of the oncogenic human papillomavirus-16 is stimulated by tumor promotors through AP1 binding sitesChan, W.-K. ; Chong, T. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Klock, G.
711-Feb-1990Transcriptional activation of human papillomavirus 16 by nuclear factor I, AP1, steroid receptors and a possibly novel transcription factor, PVF: A model for the composition of genital papillomavirus enhancersChong, T. ; Chan, W.-K. ; Bernard, H.-U.