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Bernard, Hans Ulrich
Bernard, H.-U.
Bernard, H.U.


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11995Analysis of genomic sequences of 95 papillomavirus types: Uniting typing, phylogeny, and taxonomyChan, S.-Y. ; Delius, H.; Halpern, A.L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
225-Sep-1994Cloning and functional analysis of spliced isoforms of human nuclear factor I-X: Interference with transcriptional activation by NFI/CTF in a cell-type specific mannerApt, D. ; Liu, Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
31989Clusters of nuclear factor I binding sites identify enhancers of several papillomaviruses but alone are not sufficient for enhancer functionGloss, B. ; Yeo-Gloss, M.; Meisterernst, M.; Rogge, L.; Winnacker, E.L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
41994Coevolution of papillomaviruses with human populationsBernard, H.-U. 
5Nov-1990Controls in the papillomavirus life cycleBernard, H.-U. 
61991Diagnostic sensitivity of polymerase chain reaction and Southern blot hybridization for the detection of human papillomavirus DNA in biopsy specimens from cervical lesionsTham, K.M. ; Chow, V.T.K.; Singh, P.; Tock, E.P.C.; Ching, K.C.; Lim-Tan, S.K.; Sng, I.T.Y.; Bernard, H.U. 
71992During negative regulation of the human papillomavirus-16 E6 promoter, the viral E2 protein can displace Sp1 from a proximal promoter elementTan, S.-H. ; Gloss, B. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
81997Elucidating the population histories and transmission dynamics of papillomaviruses using phylogenetic treesOng, C.-K.; Nee, S.; Rambaut, A.; Bernard, H.-U. ; Harvey, P.H.
9Nov-1993Evolution of human papillomavirus type 18: An ancient phylogenetic root in Africa and intratype diversity reflect coevolution with human ethnic groupsOng, C.-K. ; Chan, S.-Y. ; Campo, M.S.; Fujinaga, K.; Mavromara-Nazos, P.; Labropoulou, V.; Pfister, H.; Tay, S.-K.; Ter Meulen, J.; Villa, L.L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
101994Evolution of papillomavirusesBernard, H.-U. ; Chan, S.-Y. ; Delius, H.
11Dec-1990Genital human papillomavirus infection among women from major ethnic groups in Singapore.Chow, V.T.; Tham, K.M. ; Lim-Tan, S.K.; Sng, I.T.; Bernard, H.U. 
1217-Feb-1997Genital papillomaviruses (PVs) and epidermodysplasia verruciformis PVs occur in the same monkey species: Implications for PV evolutionChan, S.-Y. ; Ostrow, R.S.; Faras, A.J.; Bernard, H.-U. 
13Jul-1997Genomic diversity and evolution of papillomaviruses in rhesus monkeysChan, S.-Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Ratterree, M.; Birkebak, T.A.; Faras, A.J.; Ostrow, R.S.
141-Oct-1996High Sp1/Sp3 ratios in epithelial cells during epithelial differentiation and cellular transformation correlate with the activation of the HPV-16 promoterApt, D. ; Watts, R.M. ; Suske, G.; Bernard, H.-U. 
151994Human papillomavirus type 2c is identical to human papillomavirus type 27Chan, S.-Y. ; Tan, C.-H.; Delius, H.; Bernard, H.-U. 
16Apr-1988Human papillomavirus-16 and genital cancer: are tests for the viral gene expression in vitro indicators for risk factors in vivo?Chan, W.K. ; Gloss, B. ; Bernard, H.U. 
171995Human papillomaviruses in 91 oral cancers from indican betel quid chewers - High prevalence and multiplicity of infectionsBalaram, P.; Nalinakumari, K.R.; Abraham, E.; Balan, A.; Hareendran, N.K.; Bernard, H.-U. ; Chan, S.-Y. 
18Nov-1994Identification of genomic sequences of three novel human papillomavirus sequences in cervical smears of Amazonian IndiansOng, C.-K.; Bernard, H.-U. ; Villa, L.L.
191999Many different papillomaviruses have low transcriptional activity in spite of strong epithelial specific enhancersSailaja, G.; Watts, R.M. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
201994Mechanism of translation of the bicistronic mRNA encoding human papillomavirus type 16 E6-E7 genesTan, T.M.C. ; Gloss, B. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Ting, R.C.Y.