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Gelfert, Axel Heinz
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Gelfert, A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Applicability, Indispensability, and Underdetermination: Puzzling Over Wigner's 'Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics'Gelfert, A. 
2May-2012Art history, the problem of style, and Arnold Hauser's contribution to the history and sociology of knowledgeGelfert, A. 
3Mar-2013Before biopolis: Representations of the biotechnology discourse in SingaporeGelfert, A. 
4Sep-2013Coverage-Reliability, Epistemic Dependence, and the Problem of Rumor-Based BeliefGelfert, A. 
5Aug-2011Expertise, Argumentation, and the End of InquiryGelfert, A. 
61-Jul-2013Hume on curiosityGelfert, A. 
72009Indefensible middle ground for local reductionism about testimonyGelfert, A. 
82009Indefensible middle ground for local reductionism about testimonyGelfert, A. 
9Jun-2011Mathematical formalisms in scientific practice: From denotation to model-based representationGelfert, A. 
10Jun-2011Model-based representation in scientific practice: New perspectivesGelfert, A. 
11Mar-2012Nanotechnology as ideology: Towards a critical theory of 'converging technologiesGelfert, A. 
12Mar-2014Observation, Inference, and Imagination: Elements of Edgar Allan Poe's Philosophy of ScienceGelfert, A. 
13Jun-2013Philosophical perspectives on synthetic biologyGramelsberger, G.; Knuuttila, T.; Gelfert, A. 
14Dec-2010Reconsidering the role of inference to the best explanation in the epistemology of testimonyGelfert, A. 
152009Rigorous results, cross-model justification, and the transfer of empirical warrant: The case of many-body models in physicsGelfert, A. 
162013Strategies of model-building in condensed matter physics: Trade-offs as a demarcation criterion between physics and biology?Gelfert, A. 
17Jun-2013Synthetic biology between technoscience and thing knowledgeGelfert, A.