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Goh Kok Yew Shaun
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Goh, Kok Yew Shaun
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Aug-2019An initial investigation of neonatal neuroanatomy, caregiving, and levels of disorganized behaviorRifkin-Graboi A; Tan HM; Shaun GKY ; Sim LW; Sanmugam S; Chong YS ; Tan KH ; Shek L ; Gluckman PD ; Chen H ; Fortier M ; Meaney MJ ; Qiu A 
2Sep-2017Analysis of Item-Level Bias in the Bayley-III Language Subscales: The Validity and Utility of Standardized Language Assessment in a Multilingual SettingGoh, Kok Yew Shaun ; Tham, Kwang Hsia Elaine; Magiati, Iliana ; Sim, Litwee; Sanmugam, Shamini; Qiu, Anqi ; Daniel, Mary L.; Broekman, Birit F.P. ; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne
316-Apr-2018Greater caregiving risk, better infant memory performance?Rifkin-Graboi A.; Quan J.; Richmond J.; Goh S.K.Y. ; Sim L.W.; Chong Y.S. ; Bureau J.-F.; Chen H. ; Qiu A. 
41-May-2017Infant night sleep trajectory from age 3–24 months: evidence from the Singapore GUSTO studyGoh, Kok Yew Shaun ; Tham, Kwang Hsia Elaine; Teoh, Oonhoe; Saw, Seang Mei ; Yap, Kok Peng Fabian; Goh, Yam Thiam Daniel ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Qiu, Anqi ; Broekman, Birit F.P.
512-Feb-2020Maternal antenatal anxiety and electrophysiological functioning amongst a sub-set of preschoolers participating in the GUSTO cohortTan HK; Goh SKY ; Tsotsi S; Bruntraeger M; Chen HY ; Broekman B ; Tan KH ; Chong YS ; Meaney MJ ; Qiu A ; Rifkin-Graboi A
62020Mitigation of a Prospective Association Between Early Language Delay at Toddlerhood and ADHD Among Bilingual Preschoolers: Evidence from the GUSTO CohortGoh S.K.Y. ; Yang H.; Tsotsi S.; Qiu A. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Tan K.H. ; Pei-Chi L.S. ; Broekman B.F.P. ; Rifkin-Graboi A.