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Song Lianfa
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Song, L.F.
Song, L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Nov-2004A 2-D streamline upwind Petrov/Galerkin finite element model for concentration polarization in spiral wound reverse osmosis modulesMa, S.; Song, L. ; Ong, S.L. ; Ng, W.J. 
2Aug-2006A modeling study of fouling development in membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatmentLiang, S.; Song, L. ; Tao, G.; Kekre, K.A.; Seah, H.
320-Jun-2005A more effective method for fouling characterization in a full-scale reverse osmosis processTay, K.G. ; Song, L. 
415-Mar-2004A new normalization method for determination of colloidal fouling potential in membrane processesSong, L. ; Chen, K.L.; Ong, S.L. ; Ng, W.J. 
51-Mar-2006A numerical study on concentration polarization and system performance of spiral wound RO membrane modulesZhou, W.; Song, L. ; Guan, T.K. 
62005Adsorption removal of phenol in water and simultaneous regeneration by catalytic oxidationWang, Y.H.; Zhang, J.C. ; Song, L.F. ; Hu, J.Y. ; Ong, S.L. ; Ng, W.J. 
7Mar-2005Biofiltration pretreatment for reverse osmosis (RO) membrane in a water reclamation systemHu, J.Y. ; Song, L.F. ; Ong, S.L. ; Phua, E.T.; Ng, W.J. 
825-Oct-2006Cake compressibility of silica colloids in membrane filtration processesSingh, G. ; Song, L. 
92007Characteristics and fouling behaviors of dissolved organic matter in submerged membrane bioreactor systemsLiang, S.; Song, L. 
102006Critical design considerations for harnessing reverse osmosis processes in water/wastewater treatmentSong, L.F. ; Tay, K.G. ; Singh, G. 
112002Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis polymorphism for rapid 16S rDNA clone screening and microbial diversity studyLiu, W.-T.; Huang, C.-L.; Song, L. 
122005Development of an integrated membrane process for water reclamationLew, C.H.; Hu, J.Y. ; Song, L.F. ; Lee, L.Y. ; Ong, S.L. ; Ng, W.J. ; Seah, H.
13Jul-2007Differential pressure in membrane channel caused by foulant capture onto spacersKwee, G.T. ; Song, L. 
141-Apr-2003Effect of particles on the recovery of Cryptosporidium oocysts from source water samples of various turbiditiesFeng, Y.Y. ; Ong, S.L. ; Hu, J.Y. ; Song, L.F. ; Tan, X.L.; Ng, W.J. 
155-Mar-2008Effect of solution chemistry on the fouling potential of dissolved organic matter in membrane bioreactor systemsLiang, S.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, C.; Song, L. 
1610-Jul-2003Emergence of thermodynamic restriction and its implications for full-scale reverse osmosis processesSong, L. ; Hu, J.Y. ; Ong, S.L. ; Ng, W.J. ; Elimelech, M.; Wilf, M.
17Mar-2003Emerging research needs for membrane processesSong, L. ; Say, L.O. 
1815-Oct-2007Experimental correlations of pH and ionic strength effects on the colloidal fouling potential of silica nanoparticles in crossflow ultrafiltrationSingh, G. ; Song, L. 
191-May-2005Experimental study of water and salt fluxes through reverse osmosis membranesZhou, W.; Song, L. 
2020-Apr-2005Feasibility investigation of refinery wastewater treatment by combination of PACs and coagulant with ultrafiltrationZhang, J.C. ; Wang, Y.H.; Song, L.F. ; Hu, J.Y. ; Ong, S.L. ; Ng, W.J. ; Lee, L.Y.