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Jingxiang Huang
Huang, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012An in vitro assay for the kinase activity of mTOR complex 2Huang, J. 
22018Cell-Free Strategies for Repair and Regeneration of Meniscus Injuries through the Recruitment of Endogenous Stem/Progenitor CellsGuo, W; Xu, W; Wang, Z; Chen, M; Hao, C; Zheng, X; Huang, J ; Sui, X; Yuan, Z; Zhang, Y; Wang, M; Li, X; Wang, Z; Peng, J; Wang, A; Wang, Y; Liu, S; Lu, S; Guo, Q
32017Fabrication and In Vitro Study of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage Scaffold Derived from Wharton's Jelly Extracellular MatrixXiao, T; Guo, W; Chen, M; Hao, C; Gao, S; Huang, J ; Yuan, Z; Zhang, Y; Wang, M; Li, P; Peng, J; Wang, A; Wang, Y; Sui, X; Zhang, L; Xu, W; Lu, S; Yin, H; Yang, J; Liu, S; Guo, Q
42009Insulin stimulates adipogenesis through the Akt-TSC2-mTORC1 pathwayZhang H.H.; Huang J. ; D黺el K.; Boback B.; Wu S.; Squillance R.M.; Wu C.-L.; Manning B.D.
5Jun-2011Low-grade renal carcinoma with histologic features overlapping with renal angiomyoadenomatous tumor and featuring polysomy 7 and 17 and a mutation in the von Hippel-Lindau gene: Report of a hybrid tumor and a few comments on renal angiomyoadenomatous tumor and papillary renal tumors with clear cellsPetersson, F. ; Yan, B.; Huang, J. ; Thamboo, T.P. ; Bing, T.K. ; Consigliere, D.T. 
62018Mesenchymal stem cells in oriented PLGA/ACECM composite scaffolds enhance structure-specific regeneration of hyaline cartilage in a rabbit modelGuo, W; Zheng, X; Zhang, W; Chen, M; Wang, Z; Hao, C; Huang, J ; Yuan, Z; Zhang, Y; Wang, M; Peng, J; Wang, A; Wang, Y; Sui, X; Xu, W; Liu, S; Lu, S; Guo, Q
72006Metallothionein as a Prognostic Biomarker in Breast CancerBay, B.-H. ; Huang, J. ; Tan, P.-H. ; Jin, R.
82009Over-expression of metallothionein predicts chemoresistance in breast cancerYap, X.; Huang, J. ; Lai, Y.; Yip, G.W.-C. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Tan, H.-Y.; Tan, P.-H. 
92020Trichostasis spinulosa as manifestation of cutaneous graft versus host diseaseTan, J.; Huang, J. ; Chandran, N.S.
10Mar-2005Y-box binding protein, YB-1, as a marker of tumor aggressiveness and response to adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer.Huang, J. ; Tan, P.H. ; Li, K.B.; Matsumoto, K.; Tsujimoto, M.; Bay, B.H.