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Lu Hong Jun
(not current staff)
Lu, H.
Lu, HongJun
Lu, Hongjun
Lu, H.J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998Adaptive prefetching and storage reorganization in A log-structured storage systemChee, C.L. ; Lu, H. ; Tang, H.; Ramamoorthy, C.V.
2Apr-1991An efficient semantic query optimization algorithmPang, Hwee Hwa ; Lu, HongJun ; Ooi, Beng Chin 
31990Buffer and load balancing in locally distributed database systemsLu, HongJun ; Tan, KianLee 
4Jul-1994DUET - A database user interface design environmentOoi, B.C. ; Zhao, C.; Lu, H. 
51996Effective data mining using neural networksLu, H. ; Setiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
62002Effective query size estimation using neural networksLu, H. ; Setiono, R. 
72003Fully dynamic partitioning: Handling data skew in parallel data cube computationLu, H. ; Yu, J.X.; Feng, L.; Li, Z.
81997Improving I/O response times via prefetching and storage system reorganizationChee, C.L. ; Lu, H. ; Tang, H.; Ramamoorthy, C.V.
91996Index nesting - An efficient approach to indexing in object-oriented databasesOoi, B.C. ; Han, J.; Lu, H. ; Tan, K.L. 
10Mar-1996Indexing temporal data using existing B+-treesGoh, C.H. ; Lu, H. ; Ooi, B.-C. ; Tan, K.-L. 
112004ITQS: An integrated transport query systemHuang, B. ; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Li, H.; Lin, D.; Lu, H. ; Song, Y.
121994Load balancing in pipelined processing of multi-join queriesLu, Hongjun ; Tan, Kian-Lee ; Lee, Chiang
13Dec-1994Load-Balanced Join Processing in Shared-Nothing SystemsLu, H.J. ; Tan, K.L. 
141999Mining weak rulesLiu, Huan ; Lu, Hongjun 
15May-1991Multi-domain expert systemsPoo, Chiang-Choon Danny ; Lu, Hongjun 
161996On generating synthetic database for classificationLu, Hongjun ; Sung, Sam Y. ; Lu, Ying 
171992On global query optimization in multidatabase systemsLu, Hongjun ; Shan, Ming-Chien
1829-Nov-1993On resource scheduling of multi-join queries in parallel database systemsTan, K.-L. ; Lu, H. 
19Jun-1995On sort-merge algorithm for band joinsLu, Hongjun ; Tan, Kian-Lee 
201995Optimization of multi-join queries in shared-nothing systemsTan, Kian-Lee ; Lu, Hongjun