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Liu Huan
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Liu, H.
Liu, Huan


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11999A connectionist approach to generating oblique decision treesSetiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
22004A low cost polymer based piezo-actuated micropump for drug delivery systemLiu, H. ; Tay, A.A.O. ; Wan, S.Y.M.; Lim, G.C.
3Mar-1998Analysis of Hidden Representations by Greedy ClusteringSetiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
41995Chi2: feature selection and discretization of numeric attributesLiu, Huan ; Setiono, Rudy 
5Oct-1995Critics for knowledge-based design systemsLiu, Huan ; Rowles, Chris D.; Wen, Wilson X.
62000Customer retention via data miningNg, K.; Liu, H. 
7Jun-1998Data mining application: Customer retention at the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)Ng, KianSing; Liu, Huan ; Kwah, HweeBong
81997Dimensionality reduction of unsupervised dataDash, M.; Liu, H. ; Yao, J.
9Feb-1996Dimensionality reduction via discretizationLiu, H. ; Setiono, R. 
102002Discretization: An enabling techniqueLiu, H. ; Hussain, F. ; Tan, C.L. ; Dash, M.
111996Effective data mining using neural networksLu, H. ; Setiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
121996Efficient rule induction from noisy dataLiu, H. 
132000Entropy-based fuzzy clustering and fuzzy modelingYao, J.; Dash, M.; Tan, S.T. ; Liu, H. 
14Oct-1995Estimation of powers of uncorrelated sources in linear arraysKo, C.C. ; Liu, H. 
151997Feature selection for classificationDash, M. ; Liu, H. 
161997Feature selection via discretizationLiu, H. ; Setiono, R. 
17Mar-1998Feature transformation and subset selectionLiu, H. ; Motoda, H.
181998Fragmentation problem and automated feature constructionSetiono, Rudy ; Liu, Huan 
191996Improving backpropagation learning with feature selectionSetiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
201998Incremental Feature SelectionLiu, H. ; Setiono, R.