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Soo Teck Lee
Lee, S.T.
Lee, T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Bases for some reciprocity algebras iHowe, R.; Lee, S.T. 
220-Oct-2006Bases for some reciprocity algebras IIHowe, R.; Lee, S.T. 
3Nov-2006Bases for some reciprocity algebras IIIHowe, R.; Lee, S.T. 
41-Dec-2007Covariants of Spn (C) and degenerate principal series of GLn (H)Lee, S.T. 
51997Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence IILee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
61-Jan-2008Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence III: The case of complex groupsLee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
71998Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence sooLee, T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
820-Aug-1999Degenerate Principal Series Representations of GLnC) and GLn(R)Howe, R.; Lee, S.T. 
91996Degenerate principal series representations of Sp(2n, R)Lee, S.T. 
10Dec-2003Degenerate principal series representations of Sp(p, q)Lee, S.T. ; Loke, H.Y. 
112002Degenerate principal series representations of U(p, q) and spin 0(p, q)Lee, S.T. ; Loke, H.Y. 
122006Howe quotients of unitary characters and unitary lowest weight modulesLoke, H.Y. ; Lee, S.T. 
13Oct-2008Intersection of harmonics and Capelli identities for symmetric pairsLee, S.T. ; Nishiyama, K.; Wachi, A.
141-Jan-1996K-theory for C*-algebras associated to lattices in Heisenberg Lie groupsLee, S.T. ; Packer, J.A. 
151999K-theory for the integer Heisenberg groupsAslaksen, H. ; Lee, S.T. ; Packer, J. 
16Dec-1994On Some Degenerate Principal Series Representations of U(n,n)Lee, S.T. 
17May-2001On the (g, K)-cohomology of certain theta liftsLee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
182013Pieri algebras for the orthogonal and symplectic groupsKim, S.; Lee, S.T. 
191-Dec-2018Skew Pieri algebras of the general linear groupKim, S; Lee Soo Teck ; Wang, Y
201-Jan-2019Standard Bases for Tensor Products of Exterior PowersHowe, R; Kim, S; Lee Soo Teck