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Chengbo Zhu
Zhu, C.B.
Zhu, C.-b.
Zhu, C.-B.O.
Zhu, C.-B.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2011A general form of Gelfand-Kazhdan criterionSun, B.; Zhu, C.-B. 
21998A result on the gelfand-kirillov dimension of representations of classical groupsZhu, C.-B.O. 
31997Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence IILee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
41-Jan-2008Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence III: The case of complex groupsLee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
51998Degenerate principal series and local theta correspondence sooLee, T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
62002Eigendistributions for orthogonal groups and representations of symplectic groupsHowe, R.; Zhu, C.-B. 
7Dec-2012Fourier transform and rigidity of certain distributionsSun, B.; Zhu, C.-B. 
8Dec-1994Invariant differential operators on symplectic grassmann manifoldsSchwarz, G.; Zhu, C.-b. 
92014Local Theta Lifting of Generalized Whittaker Models Associated to Nilpotent OrbitsGomez, R.; Zhu, C.-B. 
10Jan-2012Multiplicity one theorems: The Archimedean caseSun, B.; Zhu, C.-B. 
1115-May-1999Multiresolution on compact groupsLim, A.; Zhu, C.-B. 
12Oct-1998On certain distinguished unitary representations supported on null conesTan, E.-C. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
13May-1995On Certain Rings of Highest Weight VectorsAslaksen, H. ; Tan, E.C. ; Zhu, C.B. 
14May-2001On the (g, K)-cohomology of certain theta liftsLee, S.T. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
15Jun-1996On the decay of matrix coefficients for exceptional groupsLi, J.-S.; Zhu, C.-B. 
1625-Mar-1996Poincaré series of holomorphic representationsTan, E.-C. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
1715-Feb-1994Quivers and the Invariant Theory of Levi SubgroupsAslaksen, H. ; Tan, E.C. ; Zhu, C.B. 
182003Representations with scalar K-types and applicationsZhu, C.-B. 
1910-Nov-2001Tensor product of degenerate principal series and local theta correspondenceLi, J.-S.; Tan, E.-C. ; Zhu, C.-B. 
2010-May-2003The explicit duality correspondence of (Sp(p,q), O*(2n))Li, J.-S.; Paul, A.; Tan, E.-C. ; Zhu, C.-B.