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Loke Hung Yean
Loke, Hung Yean
Loke, H.Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2003Degenerate principal series representations of Sp(p, q)Lee, S.T. ; Loke, H.Y. 
22002Degenerate principal series representations of U(p, q) and spin 0(p, q)Lee, S.T. ; Loke, H.Y. 
31-Jul-2008Dual pair correspondences for non-linear covers of orthogonal groupsLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
41999Dual pairs correspondences of E8,4 and E7,4Loke, H.Y. 
52004Exceptional Lie algebras with S4 structures over ℤLoke, H.Y. 
62006Howe quotients of unitary characters and unitary lowest weight modulesLoke, H.Y. ; Lee, S.T. 
72015Invariants and K-spectrums of local theta liftsLoke, Hung Yean ; Ma, Jiajun
8Sep-2010Modular forms on non-linear double covers of algebraic groupsLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
91-Jan-2009On G2 (Fq)-invariants of representations of D4 (Fq)Loke, H.Y. 
10Jun-2007On local lifts from G2(ℝ) to Sp6(ℝ) and F4(ℝ)Loke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
11Jan-2008On minimal representations of Chevalley groups of type Dn, En and G2Loke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
122012On the maximal primitive ideal corresponding to the model nilpotent orbitLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
13Oct-2003Quaternionic representations of exceptional lie groupsLoke, H.Y. 
141-Oct-2006Rank and matrix coefficients for simply laced groupsLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
152015Rational forms of exceptional dual pairsLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
162010Representations of the two-fold central Extension of SL2 (Q2)Loke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
1720-Apr-2000Restrictions of Quaternionic RepresentationsLoke, H.Y. 
18Jun-2008The smallest representations of nonlinear covers of odd orthogonal groupsLoke, H.Y. ; Savin, G.
19Jan-2001Trilinear forms of gl-fraktur sign2Loke, H.Y.