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Wang Yougan
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Wang, Y.-G.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2004Analysing commercial catch and effort data from a Penaeid trawl fishery: A comparison of linear models, mixed models, and generalised estimating equations approachesBishop, J.; Venables, W.N.; Wang, Y.-G. 
2Oct-2005Bayesian designs with frequentist and Bayesian error rate considerationsWang, Y.-G. ; Leung, D.H.-Y.; Li, M.; Tan, S.-B.
3Oct-2005Bayesian designs with frequentist and Bayesian error rate considerationsWang, Y.-G. ; Leung, D.H.-Y.; Li, M.; Tan, S.-B.
430-May-2006Decision-theoretic designs for dose-finding clinical trials with multiple outcomesFan, S.K. ; Wang, Y.-G. 
52003Early stopping by using stochastic curtailment in a three-arm sequential trialLeung, D.H.-Y.; Wang, Y.-G. ; Amar, D.
6Jun-2005Effects of variance-function misspecification in analysis of longitudinal dataWang, Y.-G. ; Lin, X.
7Dec-2004Efficient regression analysis with ranked-set samplingChen, Z. ; Wang, Y.-G. 
8Sep-2004Estimation of growth parameters from multiple-recapture dataWang, Y.-G. 
9Jun-2004General ranked set sampling with cost considerationsWang, Y.-G. ; Chen, Z. ; Liu, J.
1015-Jun-2004Groucho homologue Grg5 interacts with the transcription factor Runx2-Cbfa1 and modulates its activity during postnatal growth in miceWang, W.; Wang, Y.-G. ; Reginato, A.M.; Glotzer, D.J.; Fukai, N.; Plotkina, S.; Karsenty, G.; Olsen, B.R.
112002Growth defect in Grg5 null mice is associated with reduced Ihh signaling in growth platesWang, W.-F.; Wang, Y.-G. ; Reginato, A.M.; Plotkina, S.; Gridley, T.; Olsen, B.R.
121-Apr-2005Optimal sign tests for data from ranked set samplesWang, Y.-G. ; Zhu, M.
132005Quantile estimation from ranked set sampling dataZhu, M.; Wang, Y.-G. 
14Sep-2005Robust estimating functions and bias correction for longitudinal data analysisWang, Y.-G. ; Lin, X.; Zhu, M.
15Sep-2004Sampling accuracy of reef resource inventory techniqueLong, B.G.; Andrews, G.; Wang, Y.-G. ; Suharsono
16Mar-2005Standard errors and covariance matrices for smoothed rank estimatorsBrown, B.M.; Wang, Y.-G. 
17Sep-2004Unbiased estimating equations from working correlation models for irregularly timed repeated measuresWang, Y.-G. ; Carey, V.J.
18Mar-2003Working correlation structure misspecification, estimation and covariate design: Implications for generalised estimating equations performanceWang, Y.-G. ; Carey, V.