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Zehua Chen
Zehua, C.
Chen, Z.-H.
Chen, Z.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2009A new interval mapping approach based on a general sib-pair regression model with a modified Wald testLi, W.; Chen, Z. 
2Jul-2010A two-phase procedure for QTL mapping with regression modelsChen, Z. ; Cui, W.
32012A two-stage penalized logistic regression approach to case-control genome-wide association studiesZhao, J.; Chen, Z. 
4Jun-2002Adaptive ranked-set sampling with multiple concomitant variables: An effective way to observational economyChen, Z. 
5Mar-2005Asymptotic properties of the remedianChen, H.; Chen, Z. 
6Mar-2005Comparison of maximum statistics for hypothesis testing when a nuisance parameter is present only under the alternativeZheng, G.; Chen, Z. 
71-Sep-2003Component reliability analysis of k-out-of-n systems with censored dataChen, Z. 
830-Aug-1996Conditional Lp-quantiles and their application to the testing of symmetry in non-parametric regressionChen, Z. 
9Feb-2003Convergence rate of the best-r-point-average estimator for the maximizer of a nonparametric regression functionBai, Z.; Chen, Z. ; Wu, Y.
101999Density estimation using ranked-set sampling dataChen, Z. 
112014Edge detection in sparse Gaussian graphical modelsLuo, S.; Chen, Z. 
1215-Jan-2010Efficiency robust statistics for genetic linkage and association studies under genetic model uncertaintyJoo, J.; Kwak, M.; Chen, Z. ; Zheng, G.
13Dec-2004Efficient regression analysis with ranked-set samplingChen, Z. ; Wang, Y.-G. 
14Sep-2008Extended Bayesian information criteria for model selection with large model spacesChen, J.; Chen, Z. 
152015Extended Bayesian information criterion in the Cox model with a high-dimensional feature spaceLuo, Shan; Xu, Jinfeng; Chen, Zehua 
16Mar-2013Extended BIC for linear regression models with diverging number of relevant features and high or ultra-high feature spacesLuo, S.; Chen, Z. 
17Apr-2012Extended BIC for small-n-large-P sparse GLMChen, J.; Chen, Z. 
18Nov-2006Extreme rank selections for linkage analysis of quantitative trait loci using selected sib-pairsZheng, G.; Ghosh, K.; Chen, Z. ; Li, Z.
192019Feature Selection by Canonical Correlation Search in High-Dimensional Multiresponse Models With Complex Group StructuresShan Luo ; Zehua Chen 
20Feb-2007Follow-up analysis of PSORS9 in 151 Chinese families confirmed the linkage to 4q31-32 and refined the evidence to the families of early-onset psoriasisYan, K.-L.; Huang, W.; Zhang, X.-J.; Yang, S.; Chen, Y.-M.; Xiao, F.-L.; Fan, X.; Gao, M.; Cui, Y.; Zhang, G.-L.; Sun, L.-D.; Wang, P.-G.; Chen, J.-J.; Li, W.; Chen, Z.-H. ; Wang, Z.-M.; Wang, D.-Z.; Zhang, K.-Y.; Liu, J.-J.