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Berrick, Alan Jonathan
Berrick, A.J.
Berrick, A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-1999A universal space for plus-constructionsBerrick, A.J. ; Casacuberta, C.
2Dec-2004Acyclic groups and wild arcsBerrick, A.J. ; Wong, Y.-L. 
3Feb-1994Binate towers of groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Varadarajan, K.
4Oct-2013Brunnian subgroups of mapping class groups and braid groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Hanbury, E.; Wu, J. 
5Apr-2006Configurations, braids, and homotopy groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Cohen, F.R.; Wong, Y.L. ; Wu, J. 
62014Delta-structures on mapping class groups and braid groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Hanbury, E.; Wu, J. 
72003Fibrations and nullificationsBerrick, A.J. ; Dror Farjoun, E.
8Dec-1989Fibrations with Hopfian propertiesBerrick, A.J. 
92014Finite index subgroups of mapping class groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Gebhardt, V.; Paris, L.
10Aug-2004From acyclic groups to the Bass conjecture for amenable groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Chatterji, I.; Mislin, G.
112011Hermitian K-theory and 2-regularity for totally real number fieldsBerrick, A.J. ; Karoubi, M.; Østvær, P.A.
12Aug-2005Hermitian K-theory of the integersBerrick, A.J. ; Karoubi, M.
13Aug-2013Hermitian periodicity and cohomology of infinite orthogonal groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Karoubi, M.; Ostvær, P.A.
14Mar-2007Homological realization of prescribed abelian groups via K-theoryBerrick, A.J. ; Matthey, M.
1525-Aug-1993Imperfect groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Robinson, D.J.S.
162004Intertwiners and the K-theory of commutative ringsBerrick, A.J. 
173-Jun-1994Linear representations of binate groupsAlperin, R.C.; Berrick, A.J. 
18Dec-2003Perfect and acyclic subgroups of finitely presentable groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Hillman, J.A.
19Mar-1987Perfect radicals and homology of group extensionsBerrick, A.J. ; Hartley, B.
20Jun-2011Periodicity of hermitian K-groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Karoubi, M.; Østvær, P.A.