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Wu Jie
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Wu, Jie
Wu, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2002A braided simplicial groupWu, J. 
2Nov-2009Artin braid groups and homotopy groupsLi, J.; Wu, J. 
3Dec-2011Artin's braid groups, free groups, and the loop space of the 2-sphereCohen, F.R.; Wu, J. 
4Oct-2013Brunnian subgroups of mapping class groups and braid groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Hanbury, E.; Wu, J. 
5May-2001Combinatorial descriptions of homotopy groups of certain spacesWu, J. 
67-Mar-2013Combinatorial group theory and the homotopy groups of finite complexesMikhailov, R.; Wu, J. 
7Apr-2006Configurations, braids, and homotopy groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Cohen, F.R.; Wong, Y.L. ; Wu, J. 
823-Sep-2013Decomposition of loop spaces and periodic problem on π*Weidong, C.; Wu, J. 
92013Decompositions of looped co-H-spacesGrbić, J.; Theriault, S.; Wu, J. 
102014Delta-structures on mapping class groups and braid groupsBerrick, A.J. ; Hanbury, E.; Wu, J. 
11Aug-2006Functorial decompositions of looped coassociative co-H spacesSelick, P.; Theriault, S.; Wu, J. 
12Feb-2011Functorial homotopy decompositions of looped co-H spacesSelick, P.; Theriault, S.; Wu, J. 
1311-Sep-2013Homology decompositions of the loops on 1-stunted Borel constructions of C2 -actionsGao, M.; Wu, J. 
142013Homotopy groups as centres of finitely presented groupsMikhailov, R.V.; Wu, J. 
15Apr-2013Modular representations and the homotopy of low rank p-local CW-complexesBeben, P.; Wu, J. 
16Mar-2011Module structure on Lie powers and natural coalgebra-split sub-Hopf algebras of tensor algebrasLi, J.Y.; Lei, F.C.; Wu, J. 
1730-Sep-2002On co-H-maps to the suspension of the projective planeWu, J. 
18Aug-2003On functorial decompositions of self-smash productsSelick, P.; Wu, J. 
192010On homotopy groups of the suspended classifying spacesMikhailov, R.; Wu, J. 
202015On homotopy rigidity of the functor ?? on co-H-spacesGrbi?, Jelena; Wu, Jie