Full Name
Wong, Hee Aik
Wong, H.-A.
Wong, H.A.
Wong, E.H.-A.
Aik, W.H.
Wong, E.H.A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11981Effects of temperature and glucose concentration on glycogen synthesis in Ancylostoma caninumWong, H.A. ; Fernando, M.A.
215-Jan-1981Eucheuma spinosum polysaccharides having different, average molecular weightsTong, H.-K.; Lee, K.-H. ; Wong, H.-A. 
31982Modifications to Lambert and Neish's method of glycerol determinationYong, F.M. ; Lee, K.H. ; Wong, H.A. 
41975Plasma insulin response to glucose in subjects with normal glucose tolerance testNakhoda, A.; Tan, B.Y.; Wong, P.K.; Wong, H.A. 
51990Red cell glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase phenotypes in several Mongoloid populations of eastern India: Existence of a non-deficient fast variant in two Australasian tribesSaha, N. ; Hong, S.H.; Wong, H.A. ; Tay, J.S.H. 
61985The action of adenosine in relation to that of insulin on the low-K(m) cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase in rat adipocytesWong, E.H.-A. ; Ooi, S.-O.; Loten, E.G.; Sneyd, J.G.T.
718-May-1981The effect of phenoxybenzamine on the relationship between glycerol release and cyclic AMP levels in the presence of insulin in epinephrine-stimulated rat adipocytesWong, E.H.A. ; Loten, E.G.; Exton, J.H.; Park, C.R.
81975The incidence of diabetes mellitus in SingaporeSiew, L.G.; Aik, W.H. 
91979The induction of diabetes in rats by intramuscular administration of streptozotocinNakhoda, A.; Wong, H.A. 
101985The production of aroma by Aspergillus oryzae during the preparation of soy sauce kojiBull, S.M.; Yong, F.M. ; Wong, H.A. 
111979Toxic effects of some alcohol and ethylene glycol derivatives on Cladosporium resinaeLee, K.H. ; Wong, H.A.