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Tay, Sin Hock John
John, Tay S.H.
Tay, J.
Tay, S.H.J.
Tay, J.S.H.
Sin Hock, J.T.
Tay, J.S.
Tay, J.S.H.
Tay, S.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11987A 10 year review of systemic lupus erythematosus in Singapore childrenLee, B.W. ; Yap, H.K. ; Yip, W.C.L.; Low, P.S.; Saw, A.H.; Tay, J.S.H.| 
21990Acute glomerulonephritis - Changing patterns in Singapore childrenYap, H.-K. ; Chia, K.-S. ; Murugasu, B. ; Saw, A.-H.; Tay, J.S.H. ; Ikshuvanam, M.; Tan, K.-W.; Cheng, H.-K.; Tan, C.-L.; Lim, C.-H.
31990Adriamycin-induced cardiomyopathy aggravated by Cis-platinum nephrotoxicity requiring dialysisTay, H.N.; Yap, H.K. ; Murugasu, B. ; Quah, T.C. ; Tay, S.H. ; Lim, J.W.
41992Apolipoprotein B-gene DNA polymorphisms (XbaI and EcoRI), serum lipids, and apolipoproteins in healthy ChineseSaha, N. ; Tay, J.S.H. ; Humphries, S.E.
51992Apolipoprotein H (beta-2-glycoprotein I) polymorphism in Asians.Saha, N. ; Kamboh, M.I.; Kelly, L.J.; Ferrell, R.E.; Tay, J.S. 
61993Apolipoprotein H polymorphism and serum lipoprotein and apolipoprotein levels in two Asian populations.Saha, N. ; Kamboh, M.I.; Ahn, Y.A.; Tay, J.S. ; Ferrell, R.E.
71990Association of Duffy blood group with schizophrenia in ChineseSaha, N. ; Tay, J.S.H. ; Tsoi, W.F. ; Kua, E.H. 
81994Association of factor VII genotype with plasma factor VII activity and antigen levels in healthy Indian adults and interaction with triglyceridesSaha, N. ; Liu, Y.; Heng, C.K. ; Hong, S.; Low, P.S. ; Tay, J.S.H. 
91992Association of haptoglobin types with serum lipids and apolipoproteins in a Chinese populationSaha, N. ; Liu, Y.; Tay, J.S.H. ; Basair, J.; Ho, C.H.
101991Atherosclerosis in paediatric practice: recent advances.Tay, J.S. 
111993BamH1 polymorphism in the Chinese, Malays, and Indians in Singapore and its application in the prenatal diagnosis of β-thalassemiaTan, J.A.M.A. ; Tay, S.H.J. ; Kham, K.Y.S.; Hock, Boon Wong 
121995Biochemical characteristics of four common molecular variants in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient Chinese in SingaporeSaha, N. ; Hong, S.H.; Low, P.S. ; Tay, J.S.H. 
131989Cardiac arrhythmias in paediatric practiceChan, K.Y. ; Loke, K.Y.; Yip, W.C.L.; Tay, J.S.H. 
141991Cardiomyopathy in paediatricsWong, M.L.; Tay, J.S.H. ; Wong, J.C.L. ; Chan, K.Y. 
151988Cardiovascular pharmacological therapy in children. A review. Part 1: Use of inotropic agentsChan, K.Y. ; Yip, W.C.L.; Tay, J.S.H. 
161988Cardiovascular pharmacological therapy in children. A review. Part 2: Vasodilators and diureticsChan, K.Y. ; Yip, W.C.L.; Tay, J.S.H. 
171989Cardiovascular pharmacological therapy in children. A review. Part 3: Drug therapy for cardiac arrythmiasChan, K.Y. ; Yip, W.C.L.; Tay, J.S.H. 
181989Cardiovascular pharmacological therapy in children. A review. Part 4: Manipulation of vascular resistance and patent ductus arteriosusChan, K.Y. ; Yip, W.C.L.; Tay, J.S.H. 
191985Cerebrospinal fluid glucose level, cerebrospinal fluid/blood glucose ratio in the diagnosis of septic meningitisLow, P.S.; Yip, W.C.L.; Tay, J.S.H. 
201985Computers in paediatrics. XV. Determination of left ventricular volumes using two-dimensional echocardiographyTay, J.S. ; Yip, W.C.; Wong, H.B.