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Poh Sim Low
FLow, P.-S.
Sim, L.P.
Low, P.-S.
Low, P.S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003ABCA1 gene polymorphisms and their associations with coronary artery disease and plasma lipids in males from three ethnic populations in SingaporeTan, J.H.-H.; Low, P.-S. ; Saha, N. ; Heng, C.-K. ; Yang, H. ; Tan, Y.-S.; Tong, M.-C.
21989Accuracy of anorectal manometry in the diagnosis of Hirschsprung's diseaseLow, P.-S. ; Quak, S.-H. ; Prabhakaran, K. ; Joseph, V.T.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Aiyathurai, E.J.
31994Adjunctive therapy in management of resistant epilepsyLow, P.S. 
41991An approach to white matter diseases of the central nervous systemLow, P.S. 
51991An update on bacterial meningitisLow, P.S. 
61989Antiepileptic drug therapy in childhood seizuresLow, P.S. 
71994Association of factor VII genotype with plasma factor VII activity and antigen levels in healthy Indian adults and interaction with triglyceridesSaha, N. ; Liu, Y.; Heng, C.K. ; Hong, S.; Low, P.S. ; Tay, J.S.H. 
824-Sep-2010Association of three lipoprotein lipase polymorphisms with coronary artery disease in Chinese and Asian IndiansHeng, C.-K. ; He, X.; Saha, N.; Low, P.S. ; Demirci, F.Y.; Kamboh, M.I.
91995Biochemical characteristics of four common molecular variants in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient Chinese in SingaporeSaha, N. ; Hong, S.H.; Low, P.S. ; Tay, J.S.H. 
101998Cardiac Dysrrhthmia in Systemic DiseaseQuek, S.C. ; Low, P.S. ; Ng, K.S.
111998Cardiac manifestations in tuberous sclerosis: A 10-year reviewQuek, S.C. ; Yip, W. ; Wong, M.L. ; LOW POH SIM ; QUEK SWEE TIAN ; Chang, S.K.
121998Childhood seizures: The rational use of antiepileptic drugs for long term treatmentLow, P.S. 
132000Cladistic analysis: its applications in association studies of complex diseases.Heng, C.K. ; Low, P.S. 
14Dec-2006Cognitive dysfunction in children with temporal lobe epilepsySim, L.P. 
152002Comparative study on deletions of the dystrophin gene in three asian populationsLai, P.-S. ; Takeshima, Y.; Adachi, K.; Van Tran, K.; Nguyen, H.T.; Low, P.-S. ; Matsuo, M.
161991Controversies in the diagnosis and management of neonatal seizuresLow, P.S. 
171992Deletion analysis of DMD/BMD children in Singapore using multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniqueLai, P.S. ; Tay, J.S.H. ; Low, P.S. ; Lee, W.L. ; Koh, G.A.S.; Gan, G.C.
18Sep-2001Diagnosing and prognosticating acute meningitis in young infants within 24 hours of admissionSee, K.C.; Tay, S.K.H. ; Low, P.S. 
192006Diagnostic strategy for the detection of dystrophin gene mutations in Asian patients and carriers using immortalized cell linesTay, S.K.H.; Khng, H.H.; Low, P.S. ; Lai, P.S. 
201994Distribution of plasma alpha-1-B-glycoprotein (A1BG) polymorphism in several populations of the Indian subcontinentJuneja, R.K.; Saha, N. ; Tay, J.S.H. ; Low, P.S. ; Gahne, B.