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Roth, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2012A historical review and assessment of urban heat island research in SingaporeRoth, M. ; Chow, W.T. 
22020An urban ecohydrological model to quantify the effect of vegetation on urban climate and hydrology (UT&C v1.0)Meili, N.; Manoli, G.; Burlando, P.; Bou-Zeid, E.; Chow, W.T.L.; Coutts, A.M.; Daly, E.; Nice, K.A.; Roth, M. ; Tapper, N.J.; Velasco, E.; Vivoni, E.R.; Fatichi, S.
32004Application of scintillometry in the urban atmosphereRoth, M. ; Satyanarayana, A.N.V. ; Salmond, J.A.
42002Area-averaged sensible heat flux and a new method to determine zero-plane displacement length over an urban surface using scintillometryKanda, M.; Moriwaki, R.; Roth, M. ; Oke, T.
52005BUBBLE - An urban boundary layer meteorology projectRotach, M.W.; Richner, H.; Vogt, R.; Christen, A.; Parlow, E.; Bernhofer, C.; Batchvarova, E.; Clappier, A.; Roulet, Y.-A.; Feddersen, B.; Schatzmann, M.; Batchvarova, E.; Gryning, S.-E.; Mayer, H.; Martucci, G.; Mitev, V.; Oke, T.R.; Roth, M. ; Ruffieux, D.; Salmond, J.A.; Voogt, J.A.
6Jan-2012Can surface-cover tiles be summed to give neighborhood fluxes in cities?Salmond, J.A.; Roth, M. ; Oke, T.R.; Christen, A.; Voogt, J.A.
72010Cities as net sources of CO 2: Review of atmospheric CO 2 exchange in urban environments measured by eddy covariance techniqueVelasco, E. ; Roth, M. 
82010Climate and more sustainable cities: Climate information for improved planning and management of cities (Producers/Capabilities Perspective)Grimmond, C.S.B.; Roth, M. ; Oke, T.R.; Au, Y.C.; Best, M.; Betts, R.; Carmichael, G.; Cleugh, H.; Dabberdt, W.; Emmanuel, R.; Freitas, E.; Fortuniak, K.; Hanna, S.; Klein, P.; Kalkstein, L.S.; Liu, C.H.; Nickson, A.; Pearlmutter, D.; Sailor, D.; Voogt, J.
92007Editorial: Urban Climatology ICUC6Grimmond, C.S.B.; Kuttler, W.; Lindqvist, S.; Roth, M. 
102017Evaluation of an urban canopy model in a tropical city: The role of tree evapotranspirationLiu, X; Li, X.-X; Harshan, S; Roth, M ; Velasco, E
11Feb-2011ICUC-7 Urban Climate Special IssueRoth, M. ; Emmanuel, R.; Ichinose, T.; Salmond, J.
122008Impacts of urbanization on long-term fog variation in Anhui Province, ChinaShi, C.; Zhang, H.; Roth, M. ; Li, Z.
131-Jun-2022Increased Risk of Extreme Precipitation Over an Urban Agglomeration With Future Global WarmingDoan, QV; Chen, F; Kusaka, H; Dipankar, A; Khan, A; Hamdi, R; Roth, M ; Niyogi, D
142015Keynote speakersHuang Bo; Roth, Matthias 
152006Methodological considerations regarding the measurement of turbulent fluxes in the urban roughness sublayer: The role of scintillometeryRoth, M. ; Satyanarayana, A.N.V. ; Salmond, J.A.
162015Prioritizing urban sustainability solutions: Coordinated approaches must incorporate scale-dependent built environment induced effectsGeorgescu, M; Chow, W.T.L ; Wang, Z.H; Brazel, A; Trapido-Lurie, B; Roth, M ; Benson-Lira, V
172000Review of atmospheric turbulence over citiesRoth, M. 
18Jun-2012Review of Singapore's air quality and greenhouse gas emissions: Current situation and opportunitiesVelasco, E.; Roth, M. 
192007Review of urban climate research in (sub)tropical regionsRoth, M. 
20Feb-2006Temporal dynamics of CO2 fluxes and profiles over a Central European cityVogt, R.; Christen, A.; Rotach, M.W.; Roth, M. ; Satyanarayana, A.N.V.