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Soman Ninan Abraham
Abraham, Soman
Abraham, Soman N.
Abraham, S.N.
Abraham, S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A mastoparan-derived peptide has broad-spectrum antiviral activity against enveloped virusesSample, C.J.; Hudak, K.E.; Barefoot, B.E.; Koci, M.D.; Wanyonyi, M.S.; Abraham, S. ; Staats, H.F.; Ramsburg, E.A.
22007A novel TLR4-mediated signaling pathway leading to IL-6 responses in human bladder epithelial cellsSong J.; Duncan M.J.; Li G.; Chan C.; Grady R.; Stapleton A.; Abraham S.N. 
32015A TRP channel senses lysosome neutralization by pathogens to trigger their expulsionMiao, Yuxuan; Li, Guojie; Zhang, Xiaoli; Xu, Haoxing; Abraham, Soman N. 
42015Complete genome sequence of uropathogenic Escherichia coli strain CI5Mehershahi, K.S ; Hsu, L.Y ; Koh, T.H ; Chen, S.L ; on behalf of the Singapore Streptococcus agalactiae Working Group; Mehershahi, K.S ; Hsu, L.Y ; Koh, T.H ; Chen, S.L ; on behalf of the Singapore Streptococcus agalactiae Working Group; Mehershahi, K.S ; Abraham, S.N ; Chen, S.L 
52012Convergent evolution of calcineurin pathway roles in thermotolerance and virulence in Candida glabrataChen, Y.L; Konieczka, J.H; Springer, D.J; Bowen, S.E; Zhang, J; Silao, F.G.S; Bungay, A.A.C; Bigol, U.C; Nicolas, M.G; Abraham, S.N ; Thompson, D.A; Regev, A; Heitman, J
62018Flavivirus serocomplex cross-reactive immunity is protective by activating heterologous memory CD4 T cellsSaron, W.A.A.; Rathore, A.P.S. ; Ting, L. ; Ooi, E.E. ; Low, J.; Abraham, S.N. ; St. John, A.L. 
7Jul-2013Interplay between vesicoureteric reflux and kidney infection in the development of reflux nephropathy in miceBowen, S.E.; Watt, C.L.; Murawski, I.J.; Gupta, I.R.; Abraham, S.N. 
82016Mast cell desensitization inhibits calcium flux and aberrantly remodels actinGladys Ang, W.X; Church, A.M; Kulis, M; Choi, H.W; Wesley Burks, A; Abraham, S.N 
921-Feb-2013Mast Cell Interleukin-10 Drives Localized Tolerance in Chronic Bladder InfectionChan, C.; St. John, A.; Abraham, S. 
10Jan-2015Mast cell mediator responses and their suppression by pathogenic and commensal microorganismsChoi, H.W.; Abraham, S.N. 
1126-Oct-2009Mast cell-derived particles deliver peripheral signals to remote lymph nodesKunder, C.A.; St. John, A.L.; Li, G.; Leong, K.W.; Berwin, B.; Staats, H.F.; Abraham, S.N. 
1222-Nov-2009Mast Cells Augment Adaptive Immunity by Orchestrating Dendritic Cell Trafficking through Infected TissuesShelburne, C.P.; Nakano, H.; St. John, A.L.; Chan, C.; McLachlan, J.B.; Gunn, M.D.; Staats, H.F.; Abraham, S.N. 
132019MRGPR-mediated activation of local mast cells clears cutaneous bacterial infection and protects against reinfectionArifuzzaman, M.; Mobley, Y.R.; Choi, H.W.; Bist, P. ; Salinas, C.A.; Brown, Z.D.; Chen, S.L. ; Staats, H.F.; Abraham, S.N. 
142011Mucosal targeting of a BoNT/A subunit vaccine adjuvanted with a mast cell activator enhances induction of BoNT/A neutralizing antibodies in rabbitsStaats H.F.; Fielhauer J.R.; Thompson A.L.; Tripp A.A.; Sobel A.E.; Maddaloni M.; Abraham S.N. ; Pascual D.W.
152018Necroptosis of infiltrated macrophages drives Yersinia pestis dispersal within buboesArifuzzaman, M.; Ang, W.X.G.; Choi, H.W.; Nilles, M.L.; St John, A.L. ; Abraham, S.N. 
16Dec-2009New roles for mast cells in modulating allergic reactions and immunity against pathogensHofmann, A.M.; Abraham, S.N. 
172020Novel mucosal adjuvant, mastoparan-7, improves cocaine vaccine efficacySt. John, A.L.; Choi, H.W.; Walker, Q.D.; Blough, B.; Kuhn, C.M.; Abraham, S.N. ; Staats, H.F.
181-Mar-2011Particulate allergens potentiate allergic asthma in mice through sustained IgE-mediated mast cell activationJin, C.; Shelburne, C.P.; Li, G.; Potts, E.N.; Riebe, K.J.; Sempowski, G.D.; Foster, W.M.; Abraham, S.N. 
1917-Apr-2014Peeing PentraxinsMiao, Y.; Abraham, S.N. 
202020Platelets trigger perivascular mast cell degranulation to cause inflammatory responses and tissue injuryKarhausen, J.; Choi, H.W.; Maddipati, K.R.; Mathew, J.P.; Ma, Q.; Boulaftali, Y.; Lee, R.H.; Bergmeier, W.; Abraham, S.N.