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Ding Liya
Ding, Liya
Ding, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A new approach to cope with software evolution using Knowware system conceptsSwarnalatha, A. ; Ding, L. 
21996A prolog-like inference system based on neural logic - An attempt towards fuzzy neural logic programmingDing, L. ; Teh, H.H. ; Wang, P. ; Lui, H.C. 
32015An interval-valued confidence for inference in hybrid knowledge-based systemsDing, Liya ; Lo, Siolong
41998Approximate case-based learning for object recognition by recallDing, L. ; Wu, J. 
5Jan-1994Approximate case-based reasoning on neural networksShen, Z. ; Lui, H.C. ; Ding, L. 
62013Background net approach for text categorization based on contextual association as term co-occurrenceLo, S.-L.; Ding, L. 
72001Case based reasoning using fuzzy set theory and the importance of features in medicinePhuong, N.H.; Tu, N.B.; Ding, L. ; Hirota, K.
82013Extended interval-valued confidence for inference of Knowware system using hybrid logicDing, L. ; Lo, S.-L.
9Mar-2012Incremental learning of concept cluster on background net for fuzzy granulation of document representationLo, S.-L.; Ding, L. 
10Mar-2012Learning and reasoning on background net - its application to text categorizationLo, S.-L.; Ding, L. 
112013Learning and reasoning on background nets for text categorization with changing domain and personalized criteriaLo, S.-L.; Ding, L. 
121999Methods of revision principle for approximate reasoningDing, L. 
131993Parallel fuzzy resolution inference on fuzzy neural logic networkDing, Liya ; Shen, Zuliang 
142012Probabilistic reasoning on background net: An application to text categorizationLo, S.-L.; Ding, L. 
151991Proposal on approximate reasoning based on revision principle and fixed value lawDing, Liya ; Mukaidono, Masao
162001Satisfaction measure for result in fuzzy reasoning and retrieval - An attempt towards the application of fuzzy logic as the "brainware" of the internetDing, L. ; Mukaidono, M.