Full Name
Wang Pei Zhuang
Zhuang, W.P.
Wang, P.
Wang, P.-Z.
Wang, Pei Zhuang
Wang, Pei-Zhuang
Wang, P.Z.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Sep-1991A combinatoric formulaWang, P.Z. ; Lee, E.S.; Tan, S.K. 
21996A prolog-like inference system based on neural logic - An attempt towards fuzzy neural logic programmingDing, L. ; Teh, H.H. ; Wang, P. ; Lui, H.C. 
310-Apr-1992A rule self-regulating fuzzy controllerQiao, W.Z.; Zhuang, W.P. ; Heng, T.H. ; Shan, S.S.
4May-1991A stock selection strategy using fuzzy neural networksWong, F.S. ; Wang, P.Z. ; Teh, H.H. 
51998Building fuzzy graphs from samples of nonlinear functionsTan, S. ; Yu, Y.; Wang, P.-Z. 
61994Cascade architecture of adaptive fuzzy controllers for inverted pendulumsGu, Ming Kun ; Lui, Ho Chung ; Goh, Tiong Hwee ; Wang, Pei Zhuang 
71997Constructive theory for fuzzy systemsWang, P.-Z. ; Tan, S. ; Song, F.; Liang, P.
825-Feb-1993Control of dynamical processes using an on-line rule-adaptive fuzzy control systemHe, S.-Z.; Tan, S. ; Hang, C.-C. ; Wang, P.-Z. 
91994Delta rule and learning for min-max neural networksZhang, Xinghu; Hang, Chang-Chieh ; Tan, Shaohua ; Wang, Pei-Zhuang 
101992Framework for integrating fault diagnosis and incremental knowledge acquisition in connectionist expert systemsLim, Joo-Hwee ; Lui, Ho-Chung ; Wang, Pei-Zhuang 
111995Fuzzy identification and controller based on generalized fuzzy radial basis function networksZhang, Xinghu; Hang, Chang-Chieh ; Tan, Shaohua ; Wang, Pei-Zhuang 
1225-Jan-1993Fuzzy inference relation based on the theory of falling shadowsTan, S.K. ; Wang, P.Z. ; Zhang, X.Z. 
1325-May-1993Fuzzy self-tuning of PID controllersHe, S.-Z.; Tan, S. ; Xu, F.-L.; Wang, P.-Z. 
1415-Mar-1993Fuzzy Set Operations Based on the Theory of Falling ShadowsTan, S.K. ; Wang, P.Z. ; Lee, E.S.
15Mar-1996Knowledge acquisition by random setsPeng, X.T.; Wang, P. ; Kandel, A.
161993Mathematical theory of inference channelsTan, Sie-Keng ; Wang, Pei-Zhuang 
179-Jun-1995Mathematical theory of truth-valued flow inferenceWang, P.Z. ; Zhang, X.H.; Lui, H.C. ; Zhang, H.M.; Xu, W.
181994On an objective-centered adaptive fuzzy control methodologyTan, Shaohua ; Lin, Yu; Pok, Yang-Ming; Wang, Pei-Zhuang 
19Mar-1996On random sets, knowledge acquisition, and pattern recognitionPeng, X.T.; Wang, P. ; Kandel, A.
201994Self-tuning adaptive resolution (STAR) fuzzy control algorithmLui, Ho Chung ; Gu, Ming Kun ; Goh, Tiong Hwee ; Wang, Pei Zhuang