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Lwin,May Oo
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Lwin, M.
Lwin, M.O.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A model integrating the multidimensional developmental theory of privacy and theory of planned behavior to examine fabrication of information onlineLwin, M.O. ; Williams, J.D.
2Feb-1999Accents as a factor in advertising effectiveness in broadcast media : the case of SingaporeLwin, May ; Lalwani, Ashok Kumar; Kuah, Leng Li
3Jun-1999Advertising laws and regulations in SingaporeLan, Luh Luh ; Lwin, May 
41993Application of holographic interferometry in the detection of flaws in composite platesTay, T.E. ; Shang, H.M. ; Lwin, M. 
51992Assessment of defects in composites using holographic interferometryShang, H.M. ; Tay, T.E. ; Lwin, M. 
62005Consumer responses to English accent variations in advertisingLalwani, A.K.; Lwin, M. ; Li, K.L.
7Jul-2000Examining the use of fine print messages in advertisingLan, Luh Luh ; Lwin, May O. ; Yu, Guat Hwa
8Apr-1994Holographic inspection of plates containing areas of localized thickness variationShang, H.M. ; Lwin, M. ; Tay, T.E. 
9Jun-1992Holographic inspection of plates with regions of local thinning as defectsShang, H.M. ; Tay, T.E. ; Lwin, M. 
10Jan-1999International marketing via the Internet : an explicatory model for international transaction-offers in the NetWirtz, Jochen ; Lwin, May O. ; Wissmeier, Urban Kilian
112005Knowledge and beliefs on corneal donation in Singapore adultsYew, Y.-W.; Saw, S.-M. ; Pan, J.C.-H.; Shen, H.-M. ; Lwin, M. ; Yew, M.-S.; Heng, W.-J.
122003Marketers' boon in cyberspace: The anticybersquatting consumer protection actWalsh, M.G.; Lan, L.L.; Lwin, M. ; Williams, J.D.
1326-Mar-2019Parental guidance and children's healthy food consumption: Integrating the theory of planned behavior with interpersonal communication antecedentsAndrew Yee; May Lwin ; Jerrald Lau
14Apr-1999Regional initiatives for electronic commerce : a policy perspectiveLan, Luh Luh ; Lwin, May O. 
15May-1999Role of audio-visual congruency in consumer response to television commercialsLwin, May ; Lalwani, Ashok Kumar; Pee, Beng Ling
162002Social marketing initiatives: National Kidney Foundation's organ donation programs in SingaporeLwin, M.O. ; Williams, J.D.; Lan, L.L. 
1716-Aug-2019The role of socialization agents in adolescents? responses to app-based mobile advertisingWonsun Shin; May Lwin ; Andrew Yee; Kalya M Kee