Full Name
Tong Earn Tay
TAY, T. E.
Tay, Tong-Earn
Earn, T.T.
Tay, T.E.
Tay, T.-E.
Tay, T.
Tay T.E.
Tay, Tong Earn
Main Affiliation

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2008A micro-macro approach to modeling progressive damage in composite structuresTay, T.E. ; Liu, G. ; Yudhanto, A.; Tan, V.B.C. 
2Jun-2013A modeling approach across length scales for progressive failure analysis of woven compositesMao, J.Z.; Sun, X.S. ; Ridha, M. ; Tan, V.B.C. ; Tay, T.E. 
3Feb-2012A multi-axial fatigue model for fiber-reinforced composite laminates based on Puck's criterionSun, X.S. ; Haris, A.; Tan, V.B.C. ; Tay, T.E. ; Narasimalu, S.; Della, C.N.
425-Jul-2006A new integrated micro-macro approach to damage and fracture of compositesTay, T.-E. ; Tan, V.B.C. ; Liu, G. 
52004A novel nano-microfibre PLGA scaffold for tendon/ ligament tissue engineeringSahoo, S. ; Ouyang, H.W. ; Toh, S.L. ; Goh, J.C. ; Tay, T.E. 
61991A penalty finite element formulation for the analysis of composite structuresTay, T.E. ; Jones, R.; Waldman, W.
715-Oct-2011A singular ES-FEM for plastic fracture mechanicsJiang, Y.; Liu, G.R.; Zhang, Y.W.; Chen, L. ; Tay, T.E. 
81999Accelerated Curing of Adhesives in Bonded Joints by Induction HeatingTay, T.E. ; Fink, B.K.; McKnight, S.H.; Yarlagadda, S.; Gillespie Jr., J.W.
92002Adhesion measurement of thin films to a porous low dielectric constant film using a modified tape testGoh, L.L.N.; Toh, S.L. ; Chooi, S.Y.M. ; Tay, T.E. 
10Jan-2013An edge-based smoothed XFEM for fracture in composite materialsJiang, Y.; Tay, T.E. ; Chen, L.; Sun, X.S. 
111995An empirical strain rate-dependent constitutive relationship for glass-fibre reinforced epoxy and pure epoxyTay, T.E. ; Ang, H.G.; Shim, V.P.W. 
126-Aug-2009An enriched element-failure method (REFM) for delamination analysis of composite structuresSun, X.S. ; Tan, V.B.C. ; Liu, G. ; Tay, T.E. 
13Apr-1996Analysis of composite laminates with transverse cracksTay, T.E. ; Lim, E.H. 
14Feb-1997Analysis of composite structures with distributed and localized damage by the finite-element methodTay, T.E. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Cen, Z.
152002Analysis of delamination growth in laminated composites with consideration for residual thermal stress effectsTay, T.E. ; Shen, F. 
161993Analysis of stiffness loss in cross-ply composite laminatesTay, T.E. ; Lim, E.H. 
17Dec-1994Analysis of stresses in cross-ply composite laminates containing distributed transverse cracksTay, T.E. ; Lim, E.H. ; Tay, A.A.O. 
181993Application of holographic interferometry in the detection of flaws in composite platesTay, T.E. ; Shang, H.M. ; Lwin, M. 
19Nov-2005Assembly of bone marrow stromal cell sheets with knitted poly (L-lactide) scaffold for engineering ligament analogsOuyang, H.W. ; Toh, S.L. ; Goh, J. ; Tay, T.E. ; Moe, K. 
201992Assessment of defects in composites using holographic interferometryShang, H.M. ; Tay, T.E. ; Lwin, M.