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Cheng Holun
Ho-Lun, C.
Cheng, H.L.
Cheng, H.-L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-20133D dental biometrics: Alignment and matching of dental casts for human identificationZhong, X.; Yu, D.; Wong, Y.S. ; Sim, T. ; Lu, W.F. ; Chiong Foong, K.W.; Cheng, H.-L. 
22008A combined tactical and strategic hierarchical learning framework in multiagent gamesTan, C.T. ; Cheng, H.-L. 
32010An automated model-based adaptive architecture in modern gamesTan, C.T.; Cheng, H.-L. 
42011An automatic form error evaluation method for characterizing micro-structured surfacesYu, D.P.; Zhong, X.; Wong, Y.S. ; Hong, G.S. ; Lu, W.F. ; Cheng, H.L. 
52005Approximating polygonal objects by deformable smooth surfacesCheng, H.-L. ; Tan, T. 
62008Approximating polyhedral objects with deformable smooth surfacesCheng, H.-L. ; Tan, T.
72004Guaranteed quality triangulation of molecular skin surfacesHo-Lun, C. ; Xinwei, S.
82009IMPLANT: An integrated mdp and pomdp learning agent for adaptive gamesTan, C.T. ; Cheng, H.-L. 
92011Local modification of skin surface mesh: Towards free-form skin surface deformationYan, K.; Cheng, H.-L. 
102010Mesh deformation of dynamic smooth manifolds with surface correspondencesCheng, H.-L. ; Yan, K.
112006Multi-level free-space dilation for sampling narrow passages in PRM planningHsu, D. ; Sánchez-Ante, G.; Cheng, H.-L. ; Latombe, J.-C.
122013On simplifying deformation of smooth manifolds defined by large weighted point setsYan, K.; Cheng, H.-L. 
132007Personality-based adaptation for teamwork in game agentsTan, C.T. ; Cheng, H.-L. 
142005Quality mesh generation for molecular skin surfaces using restricted union of ballsCheng, H.-L. ; Shi, X.
152006Quality tetrahedral mesh generation for macromoleculesCheng, H.-L. ; Shi, X.
162004Subdividing alpha complexCheng, H.-L. ; Tan, T. 
172004Superimposing voronoi complexes for shape deformationChen, C. ; Cheng, H.-L. 
182006Superimposing voronoi complexes for shape deformationChen, C.; Cheng, H.-L. 
192011Tactical agent personalityCheng, H.-L. ; Tan, C.T.
202008TAP: An effective personality representation for inter-Agent adaptation in gamesTan, C.T. ; Cheng, H.-L.