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Daniel Schmidt
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Schmidt, Daniel R.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Anisotropic magneto-optical hysteresis of permalloy slanted columnar thin films determined by vector magneto-optical generalized ellipsometryBriley, Chad; Schmidt, Daniel R. ; Hofmann, Tino; Schubert, Eva; Schubert, Mathias M.
22018Enhancing ferroelectric photovoltaic effect by polar order engineeringYou, L.; Zheng, F.; Fang, L.; Zhou, Y.; Tan, L.Z.; Zhang, Z.; Ma, G.; Schmidt, D. ; Rusydi, A. ; Wang, L.; Chang, L.; Rappe, A.M.; Wang, J.
32016Giant photostriction in organic-inorganic lead halide perovskitesZhou, Y; You, L; Wang, S; Ku, Z; Fan, H; Schmidt, D ; Rusydi, A ; Chang, L; Wang, L; Ren, P; Chen, L; Yuan, G; Chen, L; Wang, J
42017Tunable and low-loss correlated plasmons in Mott-like insulating oxidesAsmara T.C. ; Wan D. ; Zhao Y. ; Majidi M.A. ; Nelson C.T.; Scott M.C.; Cai Y.; Yan B.; Schmidt D. ; Yang M. ; Zhu T. ; Trevisanutto P.E. ; Motapothula M.R. ; Feng Y.P. ; Breese M.B.H. ; Sherburne M.; Asta M.; Minor A.; Venkatesan T. ; Rusydi A. 
52015Unraveling how electronic and spin structures control macroscopic properties of manganite ultra-thin filmsYin, X ; Majidi, M.A ; Chi, X ; Ren, P; You, L; Palina, N; Yu, X ; Diao, C ; Schmidt, D ; Wang, B; Yang, P ; Breese, M.B.H ; Wang, J; Rusydi, A 
62015Use of precisely sculptured thin film (STF) substrates with generalized ellipsometry to determine spatial distribution of adsorbed fibronectin to nanostructured columnar topographies and effect on cell adhesionKasputis, Tadas; Pieper, Alex; Rodenhausen, Keith Brian Rian; Schmidt, Daniel R. ; Sekora, Derek G.; Rice, Charles; Schubert, Eva; Schubert, Mathias M.; Pannier, Angela Kaye