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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A behavioral database for masked form primingAdelman, J.S.; Johnson, R.L.; McCormick, S.F.; McKague, M.; Kinoshita, S.; Bowers, J.S.; Perry, J.R.; Lupker, S.J.; Forster, K.I.; Cortese, M.J.; Scaltritti, M.; Aschenbrenner, A.J.; Coane, J.H.; White, L.; Yap, M.J. ; Davis, C.; Kim, J.; Davis, C.J.
2Jan-2013Additive and interactive effects in semantic priming: Isolating lexical and decision processes in the lexical decision taskYap, M.J. ; Balota, D.A.; Tan, S.E.
3Sep-2013Additive effects of word frequency and stimulus quality: The influence of trial history and data transformationsBalota, D.A.; Aschenbrenner, A.J.; Yap, M.J. 
417-Apr-2012An abundance of riches: Cross-task comparisons of semantic richness effects in visual word recognitionYap, M.J. ; Pexman, P.M.; Wellsby, M.; Hargreaves, I.S.; Huff, M.J.
514-Jan-2019An item-level analysis of lexical-semantic effects in free recall and recognition memory using the megastudy approachLau, Mabel C; Goh, Winston D ; Yap, Melvin J 
61-Oct-2018An item-level analysis of lexical-semantic effects in free recall and recognition memory using the megastudy approachLau, Mabel C.; Goh, Winston D. ; Yap, Melvin J. 
731-Aug-2016Are individual differences in masked repetition and semantic priming reliable?Luuan Chin Tan ; Melvin J. Yap 
82008Beyond mean response latency: Response time distributional analyses of semantic primingBalota, D.A.; Yap, M.J. ; Cortese, M.J.; Watson, J.M.
92009Distributional analyses in auditory lexical decision: Neighborhood density and word-frequency effectsGoh, W.D. ; Lidia, S.; Yap, M.J. ; Hui, Tan S. 
102016Effects of emotional experience in lexical decisionSiakaluk, P.D; Ian Newcombe, P; Duffels, B; Li, E; Sidhu, D.M; Yap, M.J ; Pexman, P.M
112010Effects of healthy aging and early stage dementia of the alzheimer's type on components of response time distributions in three attention tasksTse, C.-S.; Balota, D.A.; Duchek, J.M.; Yap, M.J. ; McCabe, D.P.
122017How we think about temporal words: A gestural priming study in english and ChineseNg, M.M.R; Goh, W.D ; Yap, M.J ; Tse, C.-S; So, W.-C
13Jan-2011Iconic gestures prime words.Yap, D.F.; So, W.C. ; Yap, J.M. ; Tan, Y.Q.; Teoh, R.L.
142009Individual differences in the joint effects of semantic priming and word frequency revealed by RT distributional analyses: The role of lexical integrityYap, M.J. ; Tse, C.-S.; Balota, D.A.
15Feb-2012Individual differences in visual word recognition: Insights from the English Lexicon ProjectYap, M.J. ; Balota, D.A.; Sibley, D.E.; Ratcliff, R.
165-Nov-2013Introduction to the research topic meaning in mind: Semantic richness effects in language processingPexman, P.M.; Siakaluk, P.D.; Yap, M.J. 
17Aug-2011Is more always better? Effects of semantic richness on lexical decision, speeded pronunciation, and semantic classificationYap, M.J. ; Tan, S.E.; Pexman, P.M.; Hargreaves, I.S.
181-Apr-2021LexiCAL: A calculator for lexical variablesChee, QW; Chow, KJ; Goh, WD ; Yap, MJ 
19Oct-2008Moving beyond Coltheart's N: A new measure of orthographic similarityYarkoni, T.; Balota, D.; Yap, M. 
20Jun-2011Moving beyond the mean in studies of mental chronometry: The power of response time distributional analysesBalota, D.A.; Yap, M.J.