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Wong, Poh Poh
(not current staff)
Poh Poh Wong
Wong Poh Poh
Wong, P.P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A wave of geographical research?Wong, P.P. 
22008Climate change and coastal vulnerability assessment: Scenarios for integrated assessmentNicholls, R.J.; Wong, P.P. ; Burkett, V.; Woodroffe, C.D.; Hay, J.
31998Coastal tourism development in Southeast Asia: Relevance and lessons for coastal zone managementWong, P.P. 
42008Coastal zone management focusing on coastal tourism in a transitional period of ChinaGu, M.; Wong, P.P. 
51990Geomorphological basis of beach resort sites. Some Malaysian examplesWong, P.P. 
61990Geomorphological basis of beach resort sites. Some Malaysian examplesWong, P.P. 
71992Impact of a sea level rise on the coasts of Singapore: preliminary observationsWong, P.P. 
82009Impacts and recovery from a large tsunami: Coasts of AcehWong, P.P. 
92000Malacca Strait including Singapore and Johore StraitsWong, P.P. 
102010Recovery from a large tsunami mapped over time: The Aceh coast, SumatraLiew, S.C. ; Gupta, A. ; Kwoh, L.K. ; Wong, P.P. 
112006Residents' perception of tourism impacts: A case study of homestay operators in Dachangshan Dao, North-East ChinaGu, M.; Wong, P.P. 
122009Rethinking post-tsunami integrated coastal management for Asia-PacificWong, P.P. 
132008Satellite observations of coastal changes in aceh after the 2004 tsunamiLiew, S.C. ; Kwoh, L.K. ; Gupta, A. ; Wong, P.P. 
141988Singapore - tourism development plansWong, P.P. 
152005Singapore's biophysical environmentLu Xi Xi ; Wong Poh Poh ; Chou Loke Ming 
16Jan-2011Small island developing statesWong, P.P. 
172007State of Banda Aceh beach before and after the tsunamiDohmen-Janssen, C.M.; Meilianda, E.; Maathuis, B.H.P.; Wong, P.P. 
182009Still vulnerable to killer tsunamisZiegler, A.D. ; Wong, P.P. ; Grundy-Warr, C. 
191990The geomorphological basis of beach resort sites- Some Malaysian examplesWong, P.P. 
201986Tourism development and resorts on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.Wong, P.P.