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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
118-Feb-2013A matrix protein silences transposons and repeats through interaction with retinoblastoma-associated proteinsXu, Y.; Wang, Y.; Stroud, H.; Gu, X. ; Sun, B.; Gan, E.-S.; Ng, K.-H.; Jacobsen, S.E.; He, Y. ; Ito, T. 
28-Jul-2008A Repressor Complex Governs the Integration of Flowering Signals in ArabidopsisLi, D.; Liu, C.; Shen, L.; Wu, Y.; Chen, H.; Robertson, M.; Helliwell, C.A.; Ito, T. ; Meyerowitz, E.; Yu, H. 
31-Aug-2009A timing mechanism for stem cell maintenance and differentiation in the Arabidopsis floral meristemSun, B.; Xu, Y.; Ng, K.-H.; Ito, T. 
4Nov-2009AGAMOUS controls GIANT KILLER, a multifunctional chromatin modifier in reproductive organ patterning and differentiationNg, K.-H.; Yu, H. ; Ito, T. 
5Feb-2011Coordination of flower development by homeotic master regulatorsIto, T. 
61-May-2013Dual regulation of ETTIN (ARF3) gene expression by AS1-AS2, which maintains the DNA methylation level, is involved in stabilization of leaf adaxial-abaxial partitioning in ArabidopsisIwasaki, M.; Takahashi, H.; Iwakawa, H.; Nakagawa, A.; Ishikawa, T.; Tanaka, H.; Matsumura, Y.; Pekker, I.; Eshed, Y.; Vial-Pradel, S.; Ito, T. ; Watanabe, Y.; Ueno, Y.; Fukazawa, H.; Kojima, S.; Machida, Y.; Machida, C.
716-Nov-2009Epigenetic regulation of developmental timing in floral stem cellsIto, T. ; Sun, B.
815-May-2009Floral stem cell termination involves the direct regulation of AGAMOUS by PERIANTHIADas, P.; Ito, T. ; Wellmer, F.; Vernoux, T.; Dedieu, A.; Traas, J.; Meyerowitz, E.M.
9Apr-2010Floral stem cells: From dynamic balance towards terminationSun, B.; Ito, T. 
10Jul-2013Flowering and genome integrity control by a nuclear matrix protein in ArabidopsisXu, Y.; Gan, E.-S.; He, Y. ; Ito, T. 
112013Functional roles of histone modification, chromatin remodeling and microRNAs in arabidopsis flower developmentGan, E.-S.; Huang, J.; Ito, T. 
12Oct-2008MAA3 (MAGATAMA3) helicase gene is required for female gametophyte development and pollen tube guidance in Arabidopsis thalianaShimizu, K.K.; Ito, T. ; Ishiguro, S.; Okada, K.
132018A membrane-bound NAC-like transcription factor OsNTL5 represses the flowering in Oryza sativaGuo, S.; Dai, S.; Singh, P.K.; Wang, H.; Wang, Y.; Tan, J.L.H.; Wee, W.; Ito, T. 
14Apr-2014Metabolism and development - integration of micro computed tomography data and metabolite profiling reveals metabolic reprogramming from floral initiation to silique developmentBellaire, A.; Ischebeck, T.; Staedler, Y.; Weinhaeuser, I.; Mair, A.; Parameswaran, S.; Ito, T. ; Schönenberger, J.; Weckwerth, W.
152015Regulation of floral stem cell termination in ArabidopsisSun B.; Ito T. 
16Feb-2010Shedding light on the role of AT-hook/PPC domain protein in Arabidopsis thalianaNg, K.-H.; Ito, T. 
17May-2007Specification of Arabidopsis floral meristem identity by repression of flowering time genesLiu, C.; Zhou, J.; Bracha-Drori, K.; Yalovsky, S.; Ito, T. ; Yu, H. 
18Aug-2013The AT-hook/PPC domain protein TEK negatively regulates floral repressors including MAF4 and MAF5Xu, Y.; Gan, E.-S.; Ito, T. 
19Nov-2007The homeotic protein AGAMOUS controls late stamen development by regulating a jasmonate biosynthetic gene in ArabidopsisIto, T. ; Ng, K.-H.; Lim, T.-S.; Yu, H. ; Meyerowitz, E.M.
202016The limits of linked suppression for regulatory T cellsIto, T ; Yamada, A; Batal, I; Yeung, M.Y; McGrath, M.M; Sayegh, M.H; Chandraker, A; Ueno, T