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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
119-Nov-2013A new porous material to enhance the kinetics of clathrate process: Application to precombustion carbon dioxide captureBabu, P.; Kumar, R.; Linga, P. 
21-Jun-2015A review of the hydrate based gas separation (HBGS) process forcarbon dioxide pre-combustion captureBabu, Ponnivalavan ; Linga, Praveen ; Kumar, Rajnish; Englezos, Peter
32015A review of the hydrate based gas separation (HBGS) process forcarbon dioxide pre-combustion captureBabu P ; Linga P ; Kumar R; Englezos P.
42-Apr-2014Crystal growth of hydrogen/tetra-n-butylammonium bromide semiclathrates based on morphology studyVeluswamy, H.P.; Yang, T.; Linga, P. 
518-Oct-2012Dissociation of fresh- and seawater hydrates along the phase boundaries between 2.3 and 17 MPaLoh, M.; Falser, S.; Babu, P.; Linga, P. ; Palmer, A. ; Tan, T.S. 
62019Effect of multi-stage cooling on the kinetic behavior of methane hydrate formation in sandy mediumYin, Z. ; Chong, Z.R. ; Tan, H.K.; Linga, P. 
715-Dec-2010Enhanced growth of methane-propane clathrate hydrate crystals with sodium dodecyl sulfate, sodium tetradecyl sulfate, and sodium hexadecyl sulfate surfactantsYoslim, J.; Linga, P. ; Englezos, P.
822-Jan-2012Enhanced rate of gas hydrate formation in a fixed bed column filled with sand compared to a stirred vesselLinga, P. ; Daraboina, N.; Ripmeester, J.A.; Englezos, P.
99-Apr-2013Experimental investigation of the effect of poly-N-vinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) on methane/propane clathrates using a new contact modeDaraboina, N.; Linga, P. 
102015Gas production from methane hydrates in a dual wellbore systemLoh M.; Too J.L.; Falser S.; Linga, Praveen ; Khoo B.C.; Palmer A.
1115-Dec-2013HBGS (hydrate based gas separation) process for carbon dioxide capture employing an unstirred reactor with cyclopentaneHo, L.C.; Babu, P.; Kumar, R.; Linga, P. 
122013Hydrate phase equilibrium of ternary gas mixtures containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen and propaneBabu, P.; Yang, T.; Veluswamy, H.P.; Kumar, R.; Linga, P. 
131-May-2021Hydrates for cold energy storage and transport: A reviewYin, Zhenyuan ; Zheng, Junjie ; Kim, Hyunho ; Seo, Yutaek; Linga, Praveen 
141-Jun-2014Hydrogen storage in clathrate hydrates: Current state of the art and future directionsVeluswamy, H.P.; Kumar, R.; Linga, P. 
152019Improved kinetics and water recovery with propane as co-guest gas on the hydrate-based desalination (Hydesal) processNambiar, A. ; Babu, P. ; Linga, P. 
162015Influence of cationic and non-ionic surfactants on the kinetics of mixed hydrogen/tetrahydrofuran hydratesVeluswamy H.P.; Ang, Wei Jun; Zhao, Dan ; Linga, Praveen 
17Mar-2013Influence of contact medium and surfactants on carbon dioxide clathrate hydrate kineticsKumar, A.; Sakpal, T.; Linga, P. ; Kumar, R.
182015Investigation on the roles of activated carbon particle sizes on methane hydrate formation and dissociationSiangsai A.; Rangsunvigit P.; Kitiyanan B.; Kulprathipanja S.; Linga, Praveen 
192019Kinetic promotion of mixed methane-THF hydrate by additives: Opportune to energy storageKumar, A. ; Veluswamy, H.P. ; Kumar, R.; Linga, P. 
2015-Apr-2013Macroscopic kinetics of hydrate formation of mixed hydrates of hydrogen/tetrahydrofuran for hydrogen storageVeluswamy, H.P.; Linga, P.