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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-201210 E+06 and all that: What do failure probabilities mean?Palmer, A. 
2May-2009A revised ice pressure-area curve and a fracture mechanics explanationPalmer, A.C. ; Dempsey, J.P.; Masterson, D.M.
32010Bond enhancement for sandwich shell ice wallMarshall, P.W. ; Palmer, A. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Wang, T. ; Thein, M.K.W.
42012Bulk thermal conductivity of stable and dissolved methane hydrate-bearing zonesFalser, S.; Loh, M.; Palmer, A. ; Tan, T.S. 
52009Centrifuge model study of SCR motion in touchdown zoneHu, H.J.E.; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Palmer, A.C. 
61-May-2011Centrifuge modelling of SCR vertical motion at touchdown zoneHu, HJE; Leung, CF ; Chow, YK ; Palmer, AC 
7Aug-2010Chernobyl offshorePalmer, A.C. 
82012Continuous pipe penetration in clayTho, K.K. ; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Palmer, A.C. 
9Dec-2013Cyclic plastic deformation of overbend pipe during deepwater S-lay operationXie, P.; Yue, Q.; Palmer, A.C. 
101-Jan-2012Deep cavity flow mechanism of pipe penetration in clayTho, Kee Kiat ; Leung, Chun Fai ; Chow, Yean Khow ; Palmer, Andrew Clennel 
11Feb-2007Developing innovative deep water pipeline construction techniques with physical modelsBrown, R.J.; Palmer, A. 
1218-Oct-2012Dissociation of fresh- and seawater hydrates along the phase boundaries between 2.3 and 17 MPaLoh, M.; Falser, S.; Babu, P.; Linga, P. ; Palmer, A. ; Tan, T.S. 
132015Dynamic loading history and collapse analysis of the pipe during deepwater S-lay operationXie P.; Zhao Y.; Yue Q.; PALMER,ANDREW CLENNEL 
14Oct-2012Effective tension and compression in pipeline and riser bucklingPalmer, A. ; Sabtian, A.
15Nov-2011Engineered geothermal power systems for SingaporeGRAHAME JOHN HENDERSON OLIVER ; Palmer, A.C. ; Tjiawi, H.; Zulkefli, F.
16Apr-2011Fire from ice: Progress to datePalmer, A. ; Falser, S.
17Apr-2011Fire from ice: Progress to datePalmer, A. ; Falser, S.
182014Fishing trawl pull-over across pipelinesPalmer, A. ; Zheng, J.; Brunning, P.; Lim, G.
19Feb-2013Geothermal desalination in SingaporeMichelle, L.S.Z.; Palmer, A. ; GRAHAME JOHN HENDERSON OLIVER ; Tjiawi, H.
20Mar-2011Ground movements above tunnels: A method for calculating volume lossPalmer, A.C. ; Mair, R.J.