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Haoming Liu
Liu, H.
Haoming, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A cross-country comparison of the cyclicality of real wagesLiu, H. 
21-Jun-2021Adversity-hope hypothesis: Air pollution raises lottery demand in ChinaChew, SH ; Liu, H ; Salvo, A 
32016Age of marriage and divorce: Evidence from China’s heating policyChu, Junhong ; Liu, Haoming ; Png, PLI 
419-Oct-2020Air pollution as a determinant of food delivery and related plastic wasteChu, Junhong ; Liu, Haoming ; Salvo, Alberto 
52007Airline passenger fatality and the demand for air travelLiu, H. ; Zeng, J. 
6Apr-2003Business cycle models, aggregation, and real wage cyclicalityBowlus, A.; Liu, H. ; Robinson, C.
79-Sep-2021Declining discount rates in Singapore's market for privately developed apartmentsFesselmeyer, Eric; Liu, Haoming ; Salvo, Alberto 
82008Determinants of long-run unemploymentLiu, H. ; Zeng, J. 
92008Donations in a recursive dynamic modelLiu, H. ; Zhang, J. 
10Jul-2011Economic reforms and gender inequality in Urban ChinaLiu, H. 
112009Genetic ability and intergenerational earnings mobilityLiu, H. ; Zeng, J. 
122002Income inequality in the United States: What the individual tax files sayAkhand, H.; Liu, H. 
132002Marginal income tax rates in the United States: A non-parametric approachAkhand, H.; Liu, H. 
142009Market segmentation and the location of production activitiesLiu, H. ; Tong, S.Y. 
152006Measuring the degree of assortative matingLiu, H. ; Lu, J. 
162000Measuring the income inequality from tax returnsAkhand, H.; Liu, H. 
172009Ownership of property-rights and the allocation of talentsLiu, H. ; Riyanto, Y.E. 
18Dec-2011The determinants of training participation in SingaporeThangavelu, S.M. ; Haoming, L. ; Cheolsung, P. ; Heng, A.B.; Wong, J.
192004The evolution of the graduation-publication processLiu, H. ; Park, C. 
202008The impact of women's power on child quality in rural ChinaLIU, H.