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Jingfeng Lyu
Lu, J.
Lu Jingfen
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Auction design with opportunity costLu, J. 
22015Axiomatizing multi-prize nested lottery contests: A complete and strict ranking perspectiveLu Jingfen ; Wang Z.
31-Nov-2022Deposit Requirements in AuctionsChe, Xiaogang; Li, Tong ; Lu, Jingfeng ; Zheng, Xiaoyong
4Jan-2013Efficient and optimal mechanisms with private information acquisition costsLu, J. ; Ye, L.
52010Entry coordination and auction design with private costs of information acquisitionLu, J. 
62008Estimating risk aversion from ascending and sealed-bid auctions: The case of timber auction dataLu, J. ; Perrigne, I.
72006Measuring the degree of assortative matingLiu, H. ; Lu, J. 
82010On disclosure policy in contests with stochastic entryFu, Q. ; Jiao, Q.; Lu, J. 
9Mar-2012Optimal auctions with asymmetric financial externalitiesLu, J. 
101-Apr-2022Optimal favoritism in contests with identity-contingent prizesLu, J ; Wang, Z; Zhou, L
11Dec-2022Optimal Orchestration of Rewards and Punishments in Rank-Order ContestsLiu, Bin; Lu, Jingfeng 
12Sep-2021Optimal selling mechanisms with buyer price searchLu, Jingfeng ; Wang, Zijia
131-Sep-2021Perfect bidder collusion through bribe and requestLu, Jingfeng ; Lu, Zongwei; Riis, Christian
142009Private provisions of a discrete public good with voluntary participationLu, J. ; Quah, E.
1524-Oct-2020Sequential Screening with Type-Enhancing InvestmentLiu, Bin; Lu, Jingfeng 
162009Why a simple second-price auction induces efficient endogenous entryLu, J.