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Zhang, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120093-Hydr-oxy-3-nitro-methyl-indolin-2-oneTang, Y; Chen, G; Zhang, J ; Chen, S
22005Activation of bone morphogenetic protein-6 gene transcription in MCF-7 cells by estrogenZhang M.; Yan J.-D.; Zhang L.; Wang Q.; Lü S.-J.; Zhang J. ; Zhu T.-H.
32004An economic analysis of life expectancy by gender with application to the United StatesLeung, M.C.M.; Zhang, J. ; Zhang, J.
42009Applying FDTD to the coverage prediction of wiMAX femtocellsValcarce, A; De La Roche, G; Jüttner, Á; Lpez-Pérez, D; Zhang, J 
52007BMP-6 promotes E-cadherin expression through repressing δEF1 in breast cancer cellsYang S.; Du J.; Wang Z.; Yuan W.; Qiao Y.; Zhang M.; Zhang J. ; Gao S.; Yin J.; Sun B.; Zhu T.
62009Development of a novel small antibody that retains specificity for tumor targetingZhen, Z.-P; Zhang, J ; Zhang, S.-Y
72013Differential fertility and intergenerational mobility under private versus public educationFan, C.S.; Zhang, J. 
8Nov-2012Does demographic change affect the current account? A reconsideration?Graff, M.; Tang, K.K.; Zhang, J. 
92008Donations in a recursive dynamic modelLiu, H. ; Zhang, J. 
102007Effects of longevity and dependency rates on saving and growth: Evidence from a panel of cross countriesLi, H.; Zhang, J. ; Zhang, J.
112006Health investment, saving, and public policyZhang, J. ; Zhang, J.; Leung, M.C.M.
122007Health, education, and life cycle savings in the development processTang, K.K.; Zhang, J. 
132004How does social security affect economic growth? Evidence from cross-country dataZhang, J. ; Zhang, J.
14Nov-2012Income inequality and economic growth with altruistic bequests and human capital investmentMcDonald, S.; Zhang, J. 
152005Income ranking and convergence with physical and human capital and income inequalityZhang, J. 
162007Inflation taxation and welfare with externalities and leisureHo, W.-M.; Zeng, J. ; Zhang, J. 
172005Intergenerational mobility under private vs. public educationDavies, J.B.; Zhang, J. ; Zeng, J. 
182005Intergenerational mobility under private vs. public educationDavies, J.B.; Zhang, J. ; Zeng, J. 
192002Long-run growth effects of taxation in a non-scale growth model with innovationZeng, J. ; Zhang, J. 
20Jun-2009Longevity, retirement, and capital accumulation in a recursive model with an application to mandatory retirementZhang, J. ; Zhang, J.