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Hong Yan
Hong, Y.
Yan, H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
124-Mar-1997Actin depolymerizing factor (ADF/cofilin) enhances the rate of filament turnover: Implication in actin-based motilityCarlier, M.-F.; Laurent, V.; Santolini, J.; Melki, R.; Didry, D.; Xia, G.-X. ; Hong, Y. ; Chua, N.-H.; Pantaloni, D.
21-Jan-1997Characterization of novel calmodulin-binding peptides with distinct inhibitory effects on calmodulin-dependent enzymesNevalainen, L.T.; Aoyama, T.; Ikura, M.; Crivici, A.; Yan, H. ; Chua, N.-H.; Nairn, A.C.
3Sep-2003Genetic analysis of tropical orchid hybrids (Dendrobium) with fluorescence amplified fragment-length polymorphism (AFLP)Xiang, N.; Hong, Y. ; Lam-Chan, L.T.
42003Heterogeneity of Chinese medical herbs in Singapore assessed by fluorescence AFLP analysisYuan, M.; Hong, Y. 
51996Immunoglobulin G subclass responses of children during infection with Onchocerca volvulusGbakima, A.A.; Nutman, T.B.; Bradley, J.E.; Mcreynolds, L.A.; Winget, M.D.; Hong, Y. ; Scott, A.L.
6Feb-2003In vitro flower induction in rosesHong, Y. 
7Sep-2002In vitro flower induction in rosesWang, G.Y.; Yuan, M.F.; Hong, Y. 
82001In vitro regeneration of Acacia mangium via organogenesisXie, D.; Hong, Y. 
9Feb-2005Isolation and characterization of flower-specific transcripts in Acacia mangiumXing, J.W.; Xiang, L.C.; Hong, Y. 
1014-Aug-1998Kinetic analysis of the interaction of actin-depolymerizing factor (ADF)/cofilin with G- and F-actins: Comparison of plant and human ADFs and effect of phosphorylationRessad, F.; Didry, D.; Xia, G.-X. ; Hong, Y. ; Chua, N.-H.; Pantaloni, D.; Carlier, M.-F.