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12009A Markov model for a wind energy conversion system with condition monitoringAbeygunawardane, S.K.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
22009A probabilistic unit commitment problem with photovoltaic generation systemPeng, X.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
32010A realistic maintenance model based on a new state diagramAbeygunawardane, S.K.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
42010A simulation model of cyber threats for energy metering devices in a secondary distribution networkChang, Y.H.; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Ten, C.-W.
5Dec-2013A stochastic optimization formulation of unit commitment with reliability constraintsXiong, P.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
62013Adaptive maintenance policies for aging devices using a markov decision processAbeygunawardane, S.K.; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Xu, H. 
72012An adjustable robust optimization approach for unit commitment under outage contingenciesXiong, P.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
8Jul-2013An optimization model for natural gas supply portfolios of a power generation companyJirutitijaroen, P. ; Kim, S. ; Kittithreerapronchai, O.; Prina, J.
92009An optimization model for risk management in natural gas supply and energy portfolio of a generation companyAsif, U.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
10Feb-2014Application of probabilistic maintenance models for selecting optimal inspection rates considering reliability and cost tradeoffAbeygunawardane, S.K.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
112013Block matching algorithms: Their applications and limitations in solar irradiance forecastingDazhi, Y.; Walsh, W.M.; Zibo, D.; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Reindl, T.G.
12May-2008Comparison of simulation methods for power system reliability indexes and their distributionsJirutitijaroen, P. ; Singh, C.
13Nov-2011Composite reliability evaluation using Monte Carlo simulation and least squares support vector classifierPindoriya, N.M. ; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Srinivasan, D. ; Singh, C.
142010Convergence acceleration techniques for the stochastic unit commitment problemPeng, X.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
152011Data integrity validation framework for distribution system operationsGuo, Y.; Ten, C.-W.; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
16Nov-2013Evaluation of transposition and decomposition models for converting global solar irradiance from tilted surface to horizontal in tropical regionsYang, D.; Dong, Z.; Nobre, A.; Khoo, Y.S.; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Walsh, W.M.
17Dec-2012Hourly solar irradiance time series forecasting using cloud cover indexYang, D.; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Walsh, W.M.
182013Impacts of reactive power injections on thermal performances of PV invertersSreechithra, S.M.; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Rathore, A.K. 
19Nov-2011Latin hypercube sampling techniques for power systems reliability analysis with renewable energy sourcesShu, Z. ; Jirutitijaroen, P. 
202009Neural network-based model for estimation of solar power generating capacityChu, Z.J.; Srinivasan, D. ; Jirutitijaroen, P.