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Xu Huan
Xu, H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2012A distributional interpretation of robust optimizationXu, H. ; Caramanis, C.; Mannor, S.
22013A unified robust regression model for Lasso-like algorithmsYang, W.; Xu, H. 
32013Adaptive maintenance policies for aging devices using a markov decision processAbeygunawardane, S.K.; Jirutitijaroen, P. ; Xu, H. 
42012Auto-grouped sparse representation for visual analysisFeng, J.; Yuan, X.; Wang, Z.; Xu, H. ; Yan, S. 
52013Breaking the small cluster barrier of graph clusteringAilon, N.; Chen, Y.; Xu, H. 
62011Clustering partially observed graphs via convex optimizationJalali, A.; Chen, Y.; Sanghavi, S.; Xu, H. 
72012Clustering sparse graphsChen, Y.; Sanghavi, S.; Xu, H. 
8May-2012Distributionally robust markov decision processesXu, H. ; Mannor, S.
92013Learning multiple models via regularized weightingVainsencher, D.; Mannor, S.; Xu, H. 
102012Lightning does not strike twice: Robust MDPs with coupled uncertaintyMannor, S.; Mebel, O.; Xu, H. 
112013Noisy sparse subspace clusteringWang, Y.-X.; Xu, H. 
122013Online PCA for contaminated dataFeng, J.; Xu, H. ; Mannor, S.; Yan, S. 
132013Online robust PCA via stochastic optimizationFeng, J.; Xu, H. ; Yan, S. 
14May-2012Optimization under probabilistic envelope constraintsXu, H. ; Caramanis, C.; Mannor, S.
152013Outlier-robust PCA: The high-dimensional caseXu, H. ; Caramanis, C.; Mannor, S.
162011Probabilistic goal Markov decision processesXu, H. ; Mannor, S.
172013Provable Subspace Clustering: When LRR meets SSCWang, Y.-X.; Xu, H. ; Leng, C.
182013Reinforcement learning in robust Markov decision processesLim, S.H.; Xu, H. ; Mannor, S.
192011Robust matrix completion and corrupted columnsChen, Y.; Xu, H. ; Caramanis, C.; Sanghavi, S.
202012Robust PCA in high-dimension: A deterministic approachFeng, J.; Xu, H. ; Yan, S.