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Yan Shuicheng
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Yan S.
Shui-Cheng Y
Yan, S.
Yan S
Yang, S.
Yan, Shuicheng


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120123DME: 3D media express from RGB-D imagesNguyen, T.V.; Li, L.; Tan, J. ; Yan, S. 
22010A Co-learning framework for learning user search intents from rule-generated training dataYan, J.; Zheng, Z.; Jiang, L.; Li, Y.; Yan, S. ; Chen, Z.
32013A deformable mixture parsing model with parseletsDong, J.; Chen, Q.; Xia, W.; Huang, Z.; Yan, S. 
42013A divide-and-conquer method for scalable low-rank latent matrix pursuitPan, Y.; Lai, H.; Liu, C.; Yan, S. 
52011A finite Newton algorithm for non-degenerate piecewise linear systemsYuan, X.-T. ; Yan, S. 
6Feb-2014A general exponential framework for dimensionality reductionWang, S.-J.; Yan, S. ; Yang, J.; Zhou, C.-G.; Fu, X.
72010A novel Contrast Co-learning framework for generating high quality training dataZheng, Z.; Yan, J.; Yan, S. ; Liu, N.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, M.
82013A novel image tag saliency ranking algorithm based on sparse representationWang, C.; Song, Z.; Feng, S.; Lang, C.; Yan, S. 
91-Dec-2012A novel locality-sensitive hashing for large scale image retrievaLi, J.; Li, J.; Ni, B.; Yan, S. 
101-Feb-2012A unified supervised codebook learning framework for classificationLang, C.; Feng, S.; Cheng, B.; Ni, B.; Yan, S. 
112011Accelerated low-rank visual recovery by random projectionMu, Y. ; Dong, J.; Yuan, X. ; Yan, S. 
122011Accumulated motion images for facial expression recognition in videosSrivastava, R.; Roy, S.; Yan, S. ; Sim, T. 
132009Action detection in complex scenes with spatial and temporal ambiguitiesHu, Y.; Cao, L.; Lv, F.; Yan, S. ; Gong, Y.; Huang, T.S.
14Oct-2011Active learning with adaptive regularizationWang, Z.; Yan, S. ; Zhang, C.
152012Active subspace: Toward scalable low-rank learningLiu, G.; Yan, S. 
162010Activity recognition using dense long-duration trajectoriesSun, J. ; Mu, Y. ; Yan, S. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
17Nov-2011Adaptive object tracking by learning hybrid template onlineLiu, X.; Lin, L.; Yan, S. ; Jin, H.; Jiang, W.
181-Jul-2009An online blog reading system by topic clustering and personalized rankingLi, X.; Yan, J.; Fan, W.; Liu, N.; Yan, S. ; Chen, Z.
192012Annotating web images using NOVA: NOn-conVex group spArsityWu, F.; Yuan, Y.; Rui, Y.; Yan, S. ; Zhuang, Y.
202011Assemble new object detector with few examplesYang, K.; Wang, M. ; Hua, X.-S.; Yan, S. ; Zhang, H.-J.